Friday, February 20, 2009

tables, Big shelf

Here is a small table, a BIG shelf/doorknob coatrack, and a small desk. The table is an old newel post attached to a marble base(Heavy!). The marble is from some old entry steps from a SF Victorian demo. The table top is a old victorian cast-iron floor register. I see these things on Ebay all the time, they usually sell for more than I am willing to pay. This one I got at our local SF flea, Allemany, and it was in immaculate shape (They are often broken, cast-iron is brittle). I cleaned off the rust, separated it from the louvers , and painted it. It is set against a white wood background, the geometric patterns are quite striking. The shelf is built for a wall in my kitchen dining nook where I decided to create some additional storage. It is 74" long and I used some very unusual high end knobs (Not sure how smart that was, the knobs alone cost about $200). I figured I will show it at the next market, it gives people ideas, and if I happen to sell it I can make another. I also used some old cast-iron shelf brackets, they don't match but I like em! The last piece is a small desk, I purchased this at the flea as a renovation project. This was a piece of junk when I got it. I had to glue and screw everything back together, I replaced the plywood top with something much more attractive, and I made a drawer to replace the missing one. I like the way it came out, its really cute and I think it will sell right away. BTW next Alameda market is right around the corner(Sunday march 1), I am supposed to be back in spot T-20, I will send out an official email once I get the confimation in the mail. Peace, Bryan

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