Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Jan 2015 post

 We will be showing at the Alameda Antique Fair on Sunday Jan 4. Hard to believe has been almost a year since I have had a chance to make some speculative cabinets. Photos below. These and more will be coming with me, come on out supposed to be a very nice day.

Dining table made from vintage hospital gurney. Surface is reclaimed bowling lane slab.Steel edge trim.
 A couple of wine racks. 60 bottles capacity. Bought a solid oak rack from the salvage yard cut it up into  smaller sections and then built cabinets around. Nice size.
 Double glass door cabinet. Leaded glass doors from my Kansas connection. Some very nice antique hardware.
 Antique Redwood box as shoe bench. Or??
 The beautiful glass panel here was salvaged from large building near Lake Merritt. Reclaimed wood throughout, antique hardware.
 Recently picked up some maple bowling lane slab stock. Edge trim is mahogany, I beams as legs.
 Found this vintage maple chopping block at the flea market recently. Restored, then fit it onto a vintage adding machine industrial pipe stand.
 Antique tool box, loads of character. On legs, could be bench in entry way with storage or small coffee table?
 Found a very interesting vintage copper panel with "ABC" graphics at salvage yard recently. Really have no idea of provenance, but very cool. Built this cabinet starting with copper panel. Lower panel of door is steel, polished. The extreme textural pitting is from decades of rust, was bottom of an industrial cart stored outside -was probably filled with water for years. Many hours of burnishing with wire wheel and here is result. Pretty cool:)

 Very elegant piece. I bought this old leaded glass round top window at Alameda a few years ago.  Has turned lavendar from many years exposure to UV.  Very difficult to frame into a door but worth the effort. Reclaimed wood plus some very nice antique hardware.