Friday, April 15, 2011

Additional New Inventory, Petaluma Antique Faire on Sunday 4/17

Here are some photos of new pieces for Petaluma Antique Faire, Downtown Petaluma.. Booth space F-2, corner of Fourth St. and B. Small cabinet has antique marble top, stained glass door, beautiful Eastlake brass hardware. Next is halltree made from stunning victorian half-lite door. I replaced glass with mirror and made the bench seat from repurposed wood and a vintage Coke cooler. Cast-iron antique halltree hooks. Very fun,whimsical piece.

Next up are photos of a couple of new parsons tables. Multi-colored strips of repurposed wood and some very nice trim pieces. Next photos show some mirrors made from vintage arch topped windows. Below that are a couple of photos of an antique dental or medical cabinet. This piece was handmade by a tinsmith of sheet zinc and has nice thick glass top. When I acquired it the glass top was fully painted over. We stripped over 100 years of paint off it and polished the zinc for a very cool industrial finish. Laquered, fully restored.

Next photo is of coffee table of repurposed beadbpoard and some antique balusters. After that, photo is of another industrial piece, vintage steel shelf unit, polished and laquered.

Next up, pair of cute little nightstands, with single drawer and shelf below.

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