Monday, August 31, 2015

Tables, other custom pieces

 Here it is the end of August the summer flew by! Yes I will be at Alameda Sunday Sept. 6, Booths N 15-18. Lots of great stuff including Tables!, its that time of year. First set of photos here, custom dining table with purple painted border. Very colorful, top surface is all reclaimed wood.
 Here is photo of a very massive bed frame as designed by client and myself. Roughsawn doug fir timbers as frame, steel and iron mesh and reclaimed wood make up panels.

Round White Oak table. Client brought me this design, was a tricky one. I liked it so much I made another to bring to Alameda.
 These were made for Philz coffee to use as stanchions for line control. Alot of fun to make!

This table is Island ht., 36" Will be bringing to Alameda. Surface is pine bowling lane slab, with a gray stain. Base is fabricated from salvage steel 2x2 beams.
Closeup of the island top
Custom table made from Doug fir beams, run thru the surface planer and finished with a driftwood gray wash.  Gray appears to be very popular this season.
Matching bench
Maple bowling lane slab top with maple legs. This one approx 84x36, will be at Alameda
Custom Redwood outdoor table with matching benches. Beautiful old growth stock, reclaimed.

 Small bench in whites and creams
 couple of shots of redwood table and benches on deck of reclaimed redwood

6' dia. round table. Stock was 2.5" thick dougfir beams.
This was very fun project. Client wanted yardsticks as whimsical elements, I took it from there.

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