Thursday, December 2, 2010

Available pieces, Alameda December 5 Antique fair

As of this post weather for Sundays scheduled Alameda Antique fair is very iffy. Hopefully it will not be rained out, I am planning on showing as usual in booth space I-22. Looking forward to a rain free show, and Happy Holidays to all! This tall cabinet has purple prism glass panel in door. Bronze gate hinges, very cool copper metallic leaf motif picture hanging moulding are also part of this piece. The amber cut glass knob was salvaged from 1860's french armoire. Very pretty.

Small cabinet below left has cast iron stove feet, door has tin panels set into architectural element. Double glass door piece right has "spaniel" doggy bin pulls, highly collectible hardware.

This cabinet on right has pilasters on sides salvaged from victorian remodel in SF. Pictured next to that is cabinet from old house pillar, sized to hold DVD's.

The floral design on the door of this cabinet was originally part of an antique headboard. Handpainted with cute beading around design. Antique cast iron hardware, red glass knob from depression era kitchen cabinet.

This dresser had label on back, manufactured on Howard st. SF, furniture store. Don't see that anymore! Dovetailed drawers, many layers of green, pink, white paint. I distressed surface and added the crystal doorknobs.

"Birds" panel salvaged from Alameda Victorian teardown. Petite antique cast iron hooks.

Several mirror+coat and hatrack pieces. Beautiful antique hardware. The oval mirror piece was from SF Victorian fireplace mantle. Marked "July, 1903" on back, extremely well preserved silvering.

Brass "shell" embellishment was salvaged from vintage slot machine!

Very ornate brass doorplates with keyhole, vintage amythyst crystal knobs.

Here are several small tables. Octagonal piece is end table hieght, as is the cast iron base piece. Cast iron base was flea market find, very cool. It was rusty crusty when found. I cleaned with wire wheel and found french wording in round seal, "Chambon Lacroisade". From google I discovered an 1861 English patent application , "device to heat multiple tailers irons". Mystery solved! Interesting feet, also stylized dolphins on the sides.

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AngelBitch said...

I just looooove your work.. When i "grow up" and get my own house, i will think of you, and hope to have some of your pieces in there :-)