Friday, December 31, 2010

January Alameda Antique Faire, It's On! Sunday Jan. 2, Booth I-22

Bryan Appleton Designs will be at Alameda on Sunday, Jan. 2, Booth space I-22. Happy new Year everyone, and travel Safe! All furniture featured in Dec. posting below is available. Lots of new pieces. Cabinets, mirrors, many tables, boxes, benches, ETC.! First photo is of old kitchen cabinet purchased at Alameda last month. Completely rebuilt, with very nice yellow/blue beadboard back. Antique cast-iron hardware, including very pretty dark blue glass pulls, french I believe. Large cabinet above has antique french shutters as doors. I removed the upper panels and rebuilt them adding these beautiful victorian carved bellflowers. These are some of the nicest architectural fragments I have ever acquired.They are absolutely stunning. Cabinets has solid black walnut shelving, repurposed from old tables. Very nice piece. The close up of the stamped label above is from the back of a french mirror. Very large beveled glass mirror, has a beautifully carved frame, columns, rosewood throughout!

The small desk with doorknob handles was fun piece. The shelf is from a victorian panel, with some interesting iron embellishments. The vertical rods I believe were originally transom window hardware.

This small endtable was a result of some old wooden extension ladder cutoffs leftover from another project. Has bottom shelf, cool redwood turned trim sides.

Lots of photos of more furniture below in previous post, and as always, to see [photos in closeup just click on photo.

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