Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Pieces, Petaluma Antique fair

Here are photos of new pieces to be shown at Petaluma Antique Faire this Sunday 9/27, booth K2(corner of Kentucky and Western). I will also be at Alameda Antique Faire next Sunday Oct.4 in my usual spot, T-20. First photo below is of a wardrobe, drawer at bottom of cabinet.. Next photo, a cabinet made from antique pillar. I sized the inside shelving for DVD's. (see photo to right) The red paint on the old T&G I used to make the door is absolutely stunning, I had no idea what was under all that dirt until I started cleaning it off! The next photo to the right of the DVD tower is of an old redwood built-in out of a SF Victorian. I purchased it at a yardsale, it was a wreck, but the glass in the doors was original and intact. I completely rebuilt it and added the drawer underneath, it came out very nice. Below that is a low table made from various colored wood and some cool iron pieces on the ends. I bought the iron from a picker who salvaged what she could from a gold country house that had completely fallen in on itself. The iron was I believe part of a decorative cast iron fence, perhaps part of the gate. The last photo is not the best quality, it is of a cabinet made from salvage purchased last month at Alameda Antique fair. I believe that the piece I bought was originally a kitchen cabinet, built up upon a wall. Because of the wood species(white pine) I believe it came from back east, and it is very likely pre civil war because of the appearance, construction method, etc. I kept the facade and chucked the rest.(The shelving was NASTY!) I built a completely new cabinet and mated it to the old facade, it is really cool. Thanks for looking! Bryan

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kitchen Island, Bathroom Vanities

Here are photos from latest pieces. First, a kitchen island. The island was ordered from cabinet shop as seen in photo below. No doors, drawer faces, etc. I completed this project on site. I will post more photos once concrete countertop is completed and installed. The countertop will be white concrete, with blue and green seaglass. A sample can be seen in photo above. The other photos are of 2 of the bathroom vanities for same house. These were constructed in my shop, color matched to countertop samples. More photos will be posted after vanities, countertops are installed.