Friday, December 31, 2010

January Alameda Antique Faire, It's On! Sunday Jan. 2, Booth I-22

Bryan Appleton Designs will be at Alameda on Sunday, Jan. 2, Booth space I-22. Happy new Year everyone, and travel Safe! All furniture featured in Dec. posting below is available. Lots of new pieces. Cabinets, mirrors, many tables, boxes, benches, ETC.! First photo is of old kitchen cabinet purchased at Alameda last month. Completely rebuilt, with very nice yellow/blue beadboard back. Antique cast-iron hardware, including very pretty dark blue glass pulls, french I believe. Large cabinet above has antique french shutters as doors. I removed the upper panels and rebuilt them adding these beautiful victorian carved bellflowers. These are some of the nicest architectural fragments I have ever acquired.They are absolutely stunning. Cabinets has solid black walnut shelving, repurposed from old tables. Very nice piece. The close up of the stamped label above is from the back of a french mirror. Very large beveled glass mirror, has a beautifully carved frame, columns, rosewood throughout!

The small desk with doorknob handles was fun piece. The shelf is from a victorian panel, with some interesting iron embellishments. The vertical rods I believe were originally transom window hardware.

This small endtable was a result of some old wooden extension ladder cutoffs leftover from another project. Has bottom shelf, cool redwood turned trim sides.

Lots of photos of more furniture below in previous post, and as always, to see [photos in closeup just click on photo.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Available pieces, Alameda December 5 Antique fair

As of this post weather for Sundays scheduled Alameda Antique fair is very iffy. Hopefully it will not be rained out, I am planning on showing as usual in booth space I-22. Looking forward to a rain free show, and Happy Holidays to all! This tall cabinet has purple prism glass panel in door. Bronze gate hinges, very cool copper metallic leaf motif picture hanging moulding are also part of this piece. The amber cut glass knob was salvaged from 1860's french armoire. Very pretty.

Small cabinet below left has cast iron stove feet, door has tin panels set into architectural element. Double glass door piece right has "spaniel" doggy bin pulls, highly collectible hardware.

This cabinet on right has pilasters on sides salvaged from victorian remodel in SF. Pictured next to that is cabinet from old house pillar, sized to hold DVD's.

The floral design on the door of this cabinet was originally part of an antique headboard. Handpainted with cute beading around design. Antique cast iron hardware, red glass knob from depression era kitchen cabinet.

This dresser had label on back, manufactured on Howard st. SF, furniture store. Don't see that anymore! Dovetailed drawers, many layers of green, pink, white paint. I distressed surface and added the crystal doorknobs.

"Birds" panel salvaged from Alameda Victorian teardown. Petite antique cast iron hooks.

Several mirror+coat and hatrack pieces. Beautiful antique hardware. The oval mirror piece was from SF Victorian fireplace mantle. Marked "July, 1903" on back, extremely well preserved silvering.

Brass "shell" embellishment was salvaged from vintage slot machine!

Very ornate brass doorplates with keyhole, vintage amythyst crystal knobs.

Here are several small tables. Octagonal piece is end table hieght, as is the cast iron base piece. Cast iron base was flea market find, very cool. It was rusty crusty when found. I cleaned with wire wheel and found french wording in round seal, "Chambon Lacroisade". From google I discovered an 1861 English patent application , "device to heat multiple tailers irons". Mystery solved! Interesting feet, also stylized dolphins on the sides.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September show dates, New pieces

Here are some of the new pieces I have been working on recently. I spent the summer building out new shop and residence in West Oakland warehouse. Alot of work moving inventory into new space but I am very happy to be in my new space. The photos below are a sample of what will be available at my upcoming show dates. Look for me at Marin Farmers market at Grand Ave. on Saturday, Sept. 25. I will be at Petaluma Antique fair on Sunday Sept. 26. Booth F-2 , corner of Fourth St. and B St. Lastly, the following Sunday, Oct. 3, back at Alameda Pt. Antique fair in my usual spot, I-22. Please excuse the confusing placement of text for photos. Although I write the text next to the corresponding photos, it seems google blogs put the text wherever they want when I publish. Thanks!! Vintage steel medical cabinet purchased at Alameda was inspiration for this piece. Love the Deco teardrop hinges on door. Antique cast iron stove feet, carved oak pediment salvaged from victorian sofa frame.

This piece below built around vintage cabinet doors. The doors came from SF remodel, via Craigs List. Antique cast iron window locks, upper trim salvaged from antique bed rails. Very cute!

The stained glass panel in the door of this cabinet below is from Alameda. I built the door around the panel, then built this cabinet. Lots of storage here. Nice.

This blue steel cabinet below was another flea market find. I love the color, appearance. The sticker reveals it was from the old International Harvester plant in San Leandro. Originally a rolling mechanics tool cart, much work was needed to transform into functional cabinet. Very different, very cool.

The carcasse of this armoire was
found at Alameda. (Right photo) Completely rebuilt, new doors and hardware, trim. Verey nice colors.

Custom pantry cabinet created as special order. Stained glass doors salvaged from old curio cabinet.

This oak side table I found at flea market in SF. It needed a new top, here is what was created. Trim was created from antique bed rails.

Polished steel table with benches below. Vintage steel factory worktable was purchased at Alameda Antique fair. I have been intrigued by the polished steel furniture I have been seeing at Alameda. This piece was rusty crusty when I found it. I built a new drawer, benches, and stripped paint and rust. After extensive polishing, here is what was created.

Here are a few of the many new coatracks.

Coatrack made from vintage fireplace surround, crystal doorknobs, cast iron brackets. The detail on brackets is amazing. There were so many coats of paint on these that the detail was completely hidden.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here are several photos of a custom gate recently made.

Here below are photos of available cabinets, they will be at Alameda tommorrow, 6/6/10. Booth space I-22.

" Tulips", cabinet is available

Here are some pieces sold since my last post.

This cute little cabinet was made from the shell of an old radio. I included a couple of photos of the original appearance. This piece is available.

Here below are photos of some of the available coat racks.