Saturday, October 3, 2015

A FEW NEW PIECES, Dancing Hotdogs, an apology

Apologies for last minute post:( I have decided I must cancel my showing at Alameda Antique fair tomorrow. It's been a crazy September- I have been dealing with family health matters, and a very full custom order schedule. Attending the Alameda show would have had a negative impact on my ability to meet custom order deadlines and frankly with all the personal family matters I realized I needed a mental health holiday. So I am going to go to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass today and do some shopping at the show tomorrow:) This workaholic will be back next month in my regular spot at alameda with a whole bunch of cool stuff, heres a few shots of new inventory.

 I have had four of these industrial crates for years, just never felt I had any good ideas for what to make them into. So simple what I finally came up with:) I cut the skids off the bottom, flipped it on its side and put the oversized red wheels on it. I think is a winner and I have three more of them. Originally came from large printing plant in emeryville, according to the picker I bought them from.

 Very cool old east coast shutter( IS made from white pine). I mated with a very nice green porcelain top. Antique cast iron hardware.
Dancing Hotdogs!

 Found this sign quite some time ago at some flea market, and promptly stashed it away and forgot about it. Recently unearthed it and just had to incorporate into a cabinet:) The dancing food graphics crack me up every time I look at them. I made the wood panel of the door from some rough sawn doug fir a friend gave me he took it out of his Rockridge Craftsman was part of the stair stringer assembly I just love the nail hole patterns.
 For all the people who look at the wine racks I bring to Alameda and say " It's not big enough", this ones for you:)

 Don't find these very often. I recently purchased this from local salvage yard -I had walked right by it for several weeks before I realized was steel. Had the original woodtone finish, I removed with wire wheel,polished and waxed it. It is in very good condition.