Friday, December 5, 2014

Alameda dec 7 update

There are two new posts below, photos of some of the large projects I have been working on since my last post in sept. I am planning on attending Alameda antique fair on Sunday dec 7, weather permitting. I will update tomorrow(sat dec 6th) if we decide to cancel. Latest weather report shows rain likely sunday afternoon. Since it takes me 2-3 hours to load at end of day, I am reluctant to chance all my furniture and cargo blankets getting put away wet. Hoping to attend, but if not I will be back at the February market. Thanks to all for a very productive 2014. Best, Bryan

Late Fall projects post 1

Here are a couple shots of 12' long community table made for Sunnyvale coffee shop, has 18 plugs on top. Thats alot of devices:)

Late Fall 2014 various custom projects, post 2

 Here are some shots from a kitchen project completed earlier this fall. I posted cabinet photos a while back but was able to visit and shoot these of kitchen after countertops, etc were installed.

 Custom chimney cabinet

 Here are some cabinets made for cabin in guerneville area

These shots show three pcs of 9' tall 7' wide armoire made to be installed as one cabinet. We carried these up a narrow staircase to top flat of a SF victorian, put together onsite. Last couple photos of finished product

Friday, September 5, 2014

New inventory photos, Alameda on sept 7

Where did the summer go??? Missed last months post as I have been very busy on custom orders. Here are some shots of current projects, a few pcs. new for Alameda, etc. Should be another great show, we will be there in our usual spot, N 2 and N 15.
This coffee table made from rough sawn doug fir, two lids open to storage inside
industrial cart as coffee table

Here are several photos of custom kitchen cabinet order in progress. I will post another set of photos once all in place with countertops and sinks, etc. installed

Bread making station

free standing hutch

Small cabinet, bathroom?

Custom lunchroom tables made for local software firm

Cute little cabinet on wheels, bought the carcasse at the flea market, extensively modified


Heavy steel shelf unit

Very Heavy cast iron top, was originally machine base, polished. Added base shelf and a pullout shelf at mid point, both maple.
A couple shots of pcs made for new Philz coffee shop, recently opened on 9th st and Gilman in Berkeley.

Custom solid Maple table/desk
 Coffee table, legs I purchased at the flea market in SF, very unique, some kind of industrial machine base originally. Cast iron, polished.

Friday, July 4, 2014

New Inventory for July, Custom cabinets,Tables

 We will be at Alameda Sunday July 6. Looks to be another perfect day. We have quite a load of new pcs., picking has been very good this month.
 Here are two custom cabinets. Both for same house, used rough sawn doug fir for face frame. Put a plinth style base on the bottom one to get cabinet up to desired ht., I like the look. Antiques cast iron hardware, leaded glass doors.

Cute little baby skid. I have seen many full size skids over the years, this little one caught my eye. I took it apart ran the hardwood slats thru the planer then oiled and clearcoated top. Steel frame has been polished and waxed. Nice!

Next up this vintage drafting table. Has "Leibtz SF" label. Frame is oak, cast iron adjustment parts.

 Here are two sets of tables, taller two are end tables, others will be pushed together to make coffee table. The large 12' community table below these goes into same coffee shop- Philz Coffee about to open in berkeley on 9th st. just off Gilman. The base of the large table was fabricated using parts of old steel wine barrel stackers

 Industrial work bench, heavy steel. I see quite a few of these in 5 and 6' sizes. This one a bit more diminutive, unusual.

 Here is a set of five lockers, they are attached together as one unit. Added shelves and wheels. Saw this in the back of my neighbors truck headed to the scrap yard. Nice save!

These tables(I have two) are intriguing. HEAVY wrought iron plus copper top surfaces. From their appearance, they have seen some weather. Nice pick at the flea:)

10' bowling lane slab conference table. Very popular dark stain. Trim is walnut and oak.

Custom Armoire. Very nice antique cast iron hardware, the number "1" at top off of Ebay. Old theatre seat numbers I believe.