Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Alameda antique fair post

 Greetings! I have not posted in a while, hard to believe 2016 is almost gone! As I posted a couple months ago,  I have been recovering from a very bad tablesaw accident. My hand is still not 100%, but I have been back to work for quite some time  healing slowly but surely. I am planning to go to this upcoming Alameda show on Sunday  November 6, weather permitting. As of today, Wednesday, it appears that the  weather is going to cooperate. As many people have  read here in my blog already, I will not be building furniture much longer. As of November 1, I have six months to be out of my warehouse. I will be shutting down furniture building on February 1 of 2017. The following 90 days I will be liquidating  inventory and clearing out the space.  As near as I can tell, weather permitting, I will be attending Alameda three more times. November,  December, and February. I will be in my usual spot, booth N-15 through 18

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Alameda antique fair is this Sunday, 9/4.

 Hello to all. A lot has happened in the last month since I posted. Two weeks ago I had a very bad accident involving my table saw and my  left-hand, resulting in surgery. Fortunately, I will still be able to create furniture using this hand and 4 1/2 of my fingers :-)  I am incredibly grateful, it could've been so much worse.  I have had several weeks now of recovery time and fortunately I am  going to be able to attend this upcoming Alameda show. Several friends have offered to help me unload and load. So we're going to be there.  The weather's going to be great, and  it should not be too crowded due to  being a holiday weekend. Come on out. As usual we will be in row N, booths n-15 thru 18.  I am continuing to bring out my architectural treasures, etc. and will have some very nice new pieces and smalls.

As we move into fall, please remember that this traditionally is my busiest time of the year. So for all of you who would like to order pieces to be ready by the holidays it's never too early to get in the queue.

Friday, August 5, 2016

August Alameda Antique fair photos, Come on out!

Greetings to all.  I spent 1.5 weeks in July traveling throughout Oregon, part vacation part roadtrip in search of a location to move to. As previously mentioned here my lease expires early in 2017 and I will be relocating myself and my furniture making business. No decisions yet but Portland area looking good, huge supply of warehouses and demand for my "look" in furniture makes this area ideal. Here are a few new pieces I built this past week for sundays upcoming show. As usual, will be in row N, booths 15-18 this time, LOTS of inventory. I also have some nice industrial pieces I picked up this past month will post more photos by tomorrow am.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

JULY 2016 Post

I spent most of June building a new Peoples Barbershop in SF, opening soon at 333 Valencia. I will post photos as soon as possible. Here are a few new pieces, I will be in the usual spot at Alameda Antique fair tomorrow, July 3rd, Booths N-15,16,17.
COAT RACK made from old Ford Tailgate

Unique Steel Rolltop desk, fully restored and professionally polished

Very interesting patina on this steel top, found it at local SF flea, made into a console table

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Alameda Antique Fair on June 5, 2016

It has been a busy month here. I have been working on several large commercial projects. Below are a few photos of these pieces. At Alameda tomorrow I will have four full booths of furniture, smalls, vintage and antique items. I have been busy processing more of the "project" pieces from recently purchased estate. I will post a few of these also. Should be a great show, come on out! Booths n-15,16,17,18

Friday, April 1, 2016


Fri 4/1/16, Beautiful weather forecast for Sundays Alameda show. Four full booths, Quite a few new cabinets, smalls, and more of my warehouse inventory of Architectural elements- Corbels, Capitols, Windows, etc. We will be in booths N-2,15,16,17

 Beautiful leaded /stained glass panel as door, reclaimed wood, arch frags, antique cast iron and brass hardware.

 Here are two cabinets, the door panels assemblage style of metal, wood, etc. A bit of a departure for me. I was inspired by custom sliding doors I built,(see photo below) client wanted mix of colorful red steel strips mixed in with the wood. Really had alot of fun with these two, looking forward to showing these on Sunday.

Custom Sliders

 Custom cabinet, the stained glass panel used to hang in the window of my burning man trailer. Sold the trailer. Kept the glass panel:)
 Custom table, sewing machine base. An unusual base, as was quite low needed to build up in order to attach a tabletop.
 Custom Redwood table, Machine base cast iron "A" frame legs

Custom media stand, fabricated the steel frame, wood is sanded rough sawn doug fir.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thurs 3/10/16 Update

According to Alameda Antique fair's website the rescheduled date for March (Sunday 3/13) has now been cancelled. Next show is April 3. Hopefully weather will cooperate. Couple additional pieces shown below, many others in previous post.
 First photo is of custom Kitchen Island base. Fabricated steel 3x3 angle iron, the facade is redwood from VERY old watertank, milled and bleached. Very textural.
 This is the third one of these "crates" I have worked on. This one I oriented upright. Crates are steel and oak. I put it on very heavy duty industrial castors. Doors are surfaced reclaimed doug fir with panels made from zinc architectural fragments and vintage poplar drapers table. Not to mention some very cool antique hardware.