Saturday, April 30, 2016


I will be at Alameda Antique Fair Tomorrow May 1 in Booths N-15-18. Quite a few cabinets, etc., as shown in previous posts will be avail. In addition, I recently purchased an estate of polished aluminum and steel furniture. Lighting, LOTS of chairs(Mid Century Modern mostly, Knoll,Herman Miller, GoodForm, Cole, Brown Jordan, etc.), Over 20 Toledo stools and chairs. Most of what I have has not been photographed, but will post small sample below. Supposed to be a rather warm day, bring hats and water!
Polished Steel Roll Top Desk with Leather surface

 Polished Steel Bookcase, salvaged from Wisconsin University.
Polished Steel file cabinet

High Boy dresser by Simmons

Polished Aluminum former playground rides

Vintage Tanker Desk, Highly polished steel, professionally restored

Vintage Barristers Stacking Bookcases

Auto Trunk? Polished Steel and Brass, I added new wood bottom, incense cedar. 

Beautifully Restored professionally polished dresser by Simmons I believe

There are six of these whimsical pcs., formerly playground rides, highly polished aluminum

7 of these pendants, 5 have the diffuser glass inserts

Two of these, "Gazelle" chairs by Shelby Williams I believe

Four of these

Vintage telescope, military,for looking over trenches? On Period Tripod

Very Unusual Lighting, fully restored, rewired Helipad Landing Light. 

Friday, April 1, 2016


Fri 4/1/16, Beautiful weather forecast for Sundays Alameda show. Four full booths, Quite a few new cabinets, smalls, and more of my warehouse inventory of Architectural elements- Corbels, Capitols, Windows, etc. We will be in booths N-2,15,16,17

 Beautiful leaded /stained glass panel as door, reclaimed wood, arch frags, antique cast iron and brass hardware.

 Here are two cabinets, the door panels assemblage style of metal, wood, etc. A bit of a departure for me. I was inspired by custom sliding doors I built,(see photo below) client wanted mix of colorful red steel strips mixed in with the wood. Really had alot of fun with these two, looking forward to showing these on Sunday.

Custom Sliders

 Custom cabinet, the stained glass panel used to hang in the window of my burning man trailer. Sold the trailer. Kept the glass panel:)
 Custom table, sewing machine base. An unusual base, as was quite low needed to build up in order to attach a tabletop.
 Custom Redwood table, Machine base cast iron "A" frame legs

Custom media stand, fabricated the steel frame, wood is sanded rough sawn doug fir.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thurs 3/10/16 Update

According to Alameda Antique fair's website the rescheduled date for March (Sunday 3/13) has now been cancelled. Next show is April 3. Hopefully weather will cooperate. Couple additional pieces shown below, many others in previous post.
 First photo is of custom Kitchen Island base. Fabricated steel 3x3 angle iron, the facade is redwood from VERY old watertank, milled and bleached. Very textural.
 This is the third one of these "crates" I have worked on. This one I oriented upright. Crates are steel and oak. I put it on very heavy duty industrial castors. Doors are surfaced reclaimed doug fir with panels made from zinc architectural fragments and vintage poplar drapers table. Not to mention some very cool antique hardware.

Friday, March 4, 2016

New Furniture as of Friday 3/4/2016, Alameda rescheduled

Alameda Antique fair scheduled for sunday 3/6 has been rescheduled, new date is next Sunday, 3/13. Weather permitting we will be there, 4 full booths of furniture plus more select material from my warehouse. As mentioned previously, I am leaving warehouse in one year, so am beginning to bring to Alameda my collection of architectural salvage and other interesting objects. All are welcome to visit and pick my warehouse, open by appt., contact Bryan at 415 336 2784.

First cabinet. I have a collection of over 100 leaded glass doors, makes sense to use up as many as possible. Most of my glass comes from my Kansas connection, however these came from local salvage yard. Tulips? Faceframe includes some frags I acquired from SF victorian gate that I deconstructed. The pale blue/green top and side wood is new for me, just bought a large load it came from recently deconstructed Ross, Ca. house. Antique cast iron hardware.

Cabinet 2. These glass panels from Kansas connection:) The hinges here I believe came from old trunks? Cast iron, I have been collecting them for years, they are very cool. 
Cabinet 3. Some of the glass panels have beveled pieces of glass. Very cool. This cabinet has some frags on the faceframe that are solid cast zinc, was told they came from pre civil war era St Louis commercial building. Beautiful antique cast iron hardware. SOLD

Cabinet 4. Bought these old pinball decks at Alameda flea some years ago, thinking I would make coffee tables. They are from Atlantic City boardwalk. Very colorful cabinet! Antique hardware and reclaimed wood throughout.

Cabinet 5. Another crate from the Emeryville printing plant, I had five of these at one point. This is second one I have used, more to come. The sides are oak, they had skids on them and were moved around the plant by forklift. Believe they were full of lead type. Heavy!! The first one I processed I made into open shelf unit. Got the idea to make a cabinet out of this one worked out pretty cool! I bought the old rootbeer advertising panels at the sacto flea awhile back, just the right size for these doors. More of the antique cast iron trunk hinges and some very nice latches. On oversized vintage factory wheels, moves very nice.

Wine rack no.1. A few years ago I acquired these carved furniture pcs., I deconstructed an antique English bowfront glass cabinet. Lions? Dogs? Not sure. Maple wine rack is salvage along with reclaimed wood for cabinet body.

Wine cabinet #2. Zinc grape clusters, very old, really don't remember where I got them but seemed to me they needed to be on a wine rack cabinet. Carved wood pilaster capital, antique cast iron stove legs, reclaimed wood throughout.

Vintage wood lockers, restored. Sold.  Below, before and after shots of vintage workbench from old gunshop. Sold.

Left,beautiful maple top industrial workbench, I restored the top surface, cleaned up the steel base-was very greasy:) Nice. Sold.                                                             Below,  Cute little wood frame on wheels. I found at SF flea, added the shelf and top.

More benches, these have shelves.
Here are some industrial pcs. First, a pair of small steel lockers, polished. Added feet and the reclaimed wood tops.

Recently bought several steel dressers from estate of a SF antique dealer, there are two of them here. Polished. These are the last of them.

nice patina

Unusual style of steel locker. The face of this one polished.

Right, Ginko leaves? Small end table size, signed by artist, "TT". Found it at local salvage yard. Polished up nicely.
From same estate the dressers came from. Did not have original pulls so I improvised with these antique white porcelain doorknobs. Polished. SOLD

Redwood planters, recently installed custom order.