Sunday, January 24, 2016

NEW FURNITURE Jan 24 2016, Pre Alameda show post

Upcoming Alameda show is two weeks from this post, I am posting these photos now as inventory is building up nicely. There will be quite a few more pieces as Feb 7 approaches, hoping the weather cooperates! I recently purchased several truckloads of industrial pcs., I will post photos as these pieces are processed. Lastly, I have recently come to an agreement with the new owner of my building. Although at this point is verbal, once a written contract is signed I will be shutting off furniture building in  my warehouse 12 months from signing. So in preparation for leaving I will be liquidating quite a bit of architectural and industrial salvage, I will be bringing this to Alameda and also be holding warehouse sales.   SAT JAN 30 UPDATE: Posting some more photos here today, new pcs for Alameda also a couple of customs.   FEB 5 UPDATE- Adding final photos, Huge amount of new furniture, smalls, architectural salvage(lost my lease I am starting to bring my treasures out to the market need to liquidate. Corbels, columns, frags, etc. Great stuff!
 Bought an ancient Coca Cola cooler a few years ago , was pretty far gone for restoration. Cut these panels out tho... 

coffee table from wooden painters ladder, deconstructed 5 panel door

Vintage heavy oak desk, restored. Second photo is bottom of the drawer- Not often that you find provenance written down like this:) Circa 1911 

Bench from industrial salvage pc

Panel on this door is steel, very cool pc of architectural salvage from Eldorado county bank.  Fancy antique oversized hinges, reclaimed wood throughout 
side view

 Vintage slag glass doors on this cabinet. Reclaimed wood, antique hardware

Vintage laundry cart, amazing great condition

Custom pc., very large! Built to hide TV, hold books, etc. Although made as two sections, was a challenge to bring into the house:)
 This is an interesting handmade primitive industrial pc, all aluminum.
 Two consoles here. First pc. shown, the decorative elements used include some solid cast zinc architectural frags, very old, likely from very large commercial building. Also some very nice cast iron pcs from victorian fireplace tool stand I took apart, have owls on them. This one what I would describe as "whites and creams".
 Second console, Ends are made from old wooden painters ladder. Beachy pastels for top. Decorative elements include old rusty light fixture I deconstructed, victorian curtain tie backs, center pc from extremely old french table I took apart.

 Custom dining table, with Toledo stools staged as seating. These stools are adjustable, 19.5" to 28" high. they will work for dining table up to kitchen island. Circa 1940-49. Polished steel 13 avail.

Found this heavy wrought iron base at the salvage yard. Paired it with some very nice true honduras red mahogany I have had for several years, nice outdoor pc.

Reclaimed Maple butcher block paired with some salvaged factory carts. 

Blue shutters as doors, I saved these shutters from an exterior remodel in Rockridge (Oakland)I did 16 yrs ago! Had quite a few and these are the last of them. Very nice antique hardware, reclaimed wood throughout.

 This steel locker had some really cheesy masonite board on the side, replaced it with this old galvanized yellow steel panel. Added wheels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Cabinet with antique steel panel as door

 Benches! So far I have eight here, various sizes, with and without shelves.

 Coffee Tables. First photo the base is an old Radio  Flyer wagon mated with antique cast iron stove legs. Second shot the base is an antique cast iron stove base, quite ornate. Reclaimed wood mix for tops.
 The piece shown at right is console table ht. I have had this antique cast iron machine base for several years. Sofa or entry way console?

 Found this industrial base at Urban Ore quite a few years ago. Believe was homemade base for a small table saw. I took apart a vintage dynamite box for facade of upper section. Cool graphics. Interesting carved elements as columns for shelf, from victorian era chair. Antique Stanley cast iron level and old IBM clock face complete the top section. Fun piece! Nightstand ht. (24")

 Custom dining table, 3x12 doug fir beams glued and doweled together as single slab.
 Purchased the redwood "X" wine rack from salvage yard, encased in reclaimed wood cabinet. Top is Black Walnut, each "X" holds one case of wine.

These cubes are sized to hold LP's, but could be used for anything. I have made quite a few boxes of various sizes, good use for small pcs of wood that were cutoffs from larger projects.
Vintage heavy steel cart as Bar Cart or small kitchen island, 36" ht 

"baby skid". Skids are rather common, were used in industrial application in factories, etc.  This one unusual as is quite small. Put it up on these oversized iron wheels it is functional as coffee table now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Add Large cast aluminum "M", salvage pc.


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