Friday, February 28, 2014

Some new pieces, Alameda March 2 show this Sunday

Here are a few photos of new pieces. Since Alameda rained out in Feb. we still have many of the cabinets, etc. posted last month. Some great smalls, vintage furniture pieces, we  have a very nice load of fresh inventory for this Sunday. Come on out and enjoy a break in the weather! Booths N2,15, as usual.                                       This table on right was part of a custom order, small dining table using the legs from an old bin table, deconstructed.

Vintage wooden painters ladder as frame for this tall wine cabinet. Interior is part of a very nice old growth redwood wine wall unit that I bought at Urban Ore in Berkeley, I cut it into more manageable sizes, built a cabinet around this section.

 Love collecting old signs, here are a couple coat racks made from vintage steel advertising pieces.

 Very BLUE! Vintage crystal doorknobs as coatrack.

Nice vintage handpainted sign, rough sawn barnwood frame, antique cast iron "tophat" coathooks.

Another wine rack, smaller apt. size? Another cabinet using old wooden painters ladders as frame, reclaimed wood and trim. Wooden interior rack from local salvage yard.

I swore I would never buy another icebox/refridgerator to make cabinets from but.... A fellow dealer had this vintage porcelain refrigerator at our local SF flea market last week. Made me an offer I couldnt refuse:) Very cute, just enough space inside for longer wine bottles, figured it had to be a wine cabinet. I junked the top, made a drawer to hold all the "stuff". -Here it is.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Inventory showing Tomorrow 2/2 at Alameda Antique fair, come on out! Booth no. N-15

The table here has a base made from old cast iron machine, was a steel cutoff saw I believe. Removed many layers of Navy gray, beautiful results. Top is Doug Fir old VG flooring with original varnish showing.

 Colorful benches from reclaimed wood strips, I dont like to throw away the cutoffs from my cabinet building projects. Top photo 36"ers, bottom photo 48" bench.

 Beachy blue dominates this console, very cool industrial steel legs found at a salvage yard in Petaluma. Some kind of industrial struts originally iI think.
My fd. John gave me this brass plate recently, says "S.F." on it, we dont know what it came off of but its cool:) Console with primary reds and greens, etc.

I bought these green slag glass cabinet doors probably 20 yrs ago at a yard sale in San Jose, ca. Figured it was time to use them:) BTW, the green glass had been painted over, had no idea what was under all that paint until I started working on them. Nice piece.
Bought a very large (8 ft long ?) old pepsi cooler a few years ago from a mothballed 100 yr old hot springs resort in Lake cty, ca. I deconstructed it and had quite a few graphic panels from that. Here is a cabinet using a couple of those panels as doors. Great color. 

Console, frame made from deconstructed old road hazard A frame. The embellishment has "Vogue" on it, no idea what from, but I liked it.

Here is a chimney cabinet made from 1/2 of old victorian era entry door. I removed the panel in the top of door replaced with beveled glass panel. Very cool hardware, the escutcheon is part of an antique pocket door pull, found in an antique mall in Coos Bay, Oregon.


"Teeter Rock", very cool vintage childs teeter totter I found at Sacto flea. Deconstructed it and used the graphic steel plates as drawer fronts on these nightstands. Bowling Lane tops, American Cherry trim and sides.

 "National", plate at top of faceframe on this cabinet nickel plated brass, from cash drawer front of antique National brand cash register. Face frame rough sawn doug fir, very nice antique hardware.

 Metal frame from SF flea market. Very rusty and crusty when I got it, cleaned up very nice. Top and shelf from 100+ yr old framing timbers, resurfaced.
Found the base of this coffee table at Urban Ore, Berkeley. Old childs school desk. Made the top from VG doug fir T&G flooring, salvaged from 100 yr old farmhouse.
The chip carved oak panels I used for these doors purchased from Marin antique dealer. Arts and Crafts period, I believe. Rough sawn doug fir face frame, top is oak, resurfaced vintage dining table. Very nice antique hardware.

Metal frame on this shelf unit found at salvage yard. Shelves are old growth doug fir reclaimed from victorian paneling in formal dining room.

Nifty industrial folding drafting table. Top was resurfaced, sealed.