Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Pieces, Petaluma Antique fair

Here are photos of new pieces to be shown at Petaluma Antique Faire this Sunday 9/27, booth K2(corner of Kentucky and Western). I will also be at Alameda Antique Faire next Sunday Oct.4 in my usual spot, T-20. First photo below is of a wardrobe, drawer at bottom of cabinet.. Next photo, a cabinet made from antique pillar. I sized the inside shelving for DVD's. (see photo to right) The red paint on the old T&G I used to make the door is absolutely stunning, I had no idea what was under all that dirt until I started cleaning it off! The next photo to the right of the DVD tower is of an old redwood built-in out of a SF Victorian. I purchased it at a yardsale, it was a wreck, but the glass in the doors was original and intact. I completely rebuilt it and added the drawer underneath, it came out very nice. Below that is a low table made from various colored wood and some cool iron pieces on the ends. I bought the iron from a picker who salvaged what she could from a gold country house that had completely fallen in on itself. The iron was I believe part of a decorative cast iron fence, perhaps part of the gate. The last photo is not the best quality, it is of a cabinet made from salvage purchased last month at Alameda Antique fair. I believe that the piece I bought was originally a kitchen cabinet, built up upon a wall. Because of the wood species(white pine) I believe it came from back east, and it is very likely pre civil war because of the appearance, construction method, etc. I kept the facade and chucked the rest.(The shelving was NASTY!) I built a completely new cabinet and mated it to the old facade, it is really cool. Thanks for looking! Bryan

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