Friday, January 14, 2011

Candlestick Point, SF Sunday 1/16/11, Available Pieces

Here are photos of a few new cabinets, also standing coatrack. All pieces shown in this post plus those in posts dated 12/31 and 12/2 will be available at Antique Faire this Sunday at Candlestick Point Antique Faire, SF. This is a fairly new show, located in parking lot of Candlestick stadium. Current weather report is for sunny day, should be a great day! Remember that clicking on any photo will show blow up of photo, handy for looking at details. First cabinet shown features porcelain plate from vintage stove as part of the door. Antique Eastlake cast iron and brass hardware, old furniture parts as trim, colorful repurposed wood throughout. Second cabinet has antique tiles from deconstructed woodstove incorporated into trim area. Vintage leaded glass panel as part of door, Antique Eastlake hardware. Again, repurposed wood construction throughout. Third cabinet has very cool cast iron legs, these legs are from same antique stove that tiles are from. The door is an old leaded glass cabinet door purchased at local flea market, it came out of a SF victorian built-in. Colorful beadboard sides, very ornate eastlake latch. Last piece shown is a standing coatrack, base is cast iron victorian style christmas tree stand. The post is a column from SF salvage yard, very ornate capital, vintage crystal doorknobs

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