Thursday, February 3, 2011

Available pieces, Alameda Point Antique Faire this Sunday Feb. 6

Here are photos of some new pieces, to be shown this Sunday at Alameda, Booth I-22
The first photo on left is cabinet with vintage cabinet door, the lower pane has been replaced with antique piece of tin ceiling. Legs are cast iron stove legs. Very colorful piece. Next photo is table made with large ornate cast iron grate. The frame is of rough sawn douglas fir timbers, very cool textures. Antique balusters for legs. This table has a beveled glass top, not shown in photo. Next piece is a buffet, the cabinet body was a built-in purchased from local salvage yard. I built the upper portion using some antique corbels to surround a framed mirror. Very cool piece, I especially like the sexy curved feet.

The large mirror in next photo has a rough sawn douglas fir frame, again very textural material. The flower accent pieces are from an old piece of trim I recently purchased at a flea market, they are plaster.

Pepsi!! I recently accompanied a friend on a road trip to visit what was once a hot springs resort in Lake county, I returned with an old pepsi cooler. I deconstructed the cooler, this is the first piece I have made using the panels from that cooler. The trim on this piece has a very unique history. Many years ago a man deconstructed a victorian era hotel in the Pocono's area of Pennsylvania, and contracted with a local pig farmer to store the salvage in one of his barns. Many years passed, and both men passed away. A young couple purchased the pig farm, and were cleaning out the various buildings when they came upon the old wood salvage pieces. The wife pursuaded the husband to not burn the "junk", and she listed this trim on ebay. I aquired quite a bit of it, and now that bit of a grand hotel has been reborn!

This piece was recently sold to a store in Aptos, Ca. called "The Warmth Co." They have some really cool stuff there, check it out!

Here are some photos of cabinets already described in older posts, they are all avail. and will be shown at Alameda on Sunday. Remember to view details on any piece just click on the individual photo and it will be shown close-up. Love that feature, Thankyou Google! Should be a beautiful day on Sunday. I expect it will be VERY crowded, so arrive early and avoid the traffic. Thanks, Bryan

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