Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Pieces, Cancellation of Sunday 5/15 at Civic Center Farmers Market(Rain Forecast), Various custom order photos

At this point (Thurs may 12), rain is forecast for this upcoming Sunday 5/15 scheduled appearance at the Marin Farmers Market in San Rafael, I am canceling my reservation. I will try to reserve for following Sunday, May 22. I will post here again next thursday, 5/20, as to whether I was able to reserve the space.

Here are photos of several new, available pieces. The first two photos are of cabinets built within vintage industrial type rolling iron frames. These both have natural Douglass Fir tops, I am thinking great for kitchen island use. The frames were likely originally holding washing machines. The castors are cast iron, and the frames have rivets,
I polished the iron frames and then laquered. The first piece shown at very top has "Clio" iron emblem as part of door, likely from an old cookstove. Antique cast iron hardware. Second piece has door made from antique diamond pane leaded glass panel, vintage hardware also.

Next up, a small nightstand type table, probably an old dental office piece. I made the top and the shelf from natural doug fir boards. The small shelf unit was rescued from the salvage yard. I found the vintage aqua color under several coats of latex, very nice. I added the beadboard back and created the shelf , the balusters are from Texas by way of Alameda!

Benches are always popular, this one is a variation on the theme, with shelf, I am thinking in an entryway to put all those shoes on.

Another dental office piece. Found at an antique store, I built the shelves from some turquoise wood I had, nice match.

Here are a few photos of a bathroom suite of pieces created a while back, never got around to posting photos until now.

The headboard and nightstands were created out of some old cedar barnwood from Grants Pass Oregon. The barn was over 100 years old, wonderful textures from all the windblown snow and ice.

Small coffeetable with architectural element as centerpiece.

This piece is a three drawered file cabinet, with modern full extension slides, created to match clients rough sawn fir interior walls.

This piece was created for clients to house a TV, mounted on a wall.

This door was picked out of my collection by client, then I created a simple halltree type piece for orginization of hats, coats etc. Note the ht. of the lower row of knobs, sized for youngster of the house:)

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