Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raw material

The glamorous life of the entrepreneur, revealed. I worked on Sunday. Here are some photos of my various finds on Sunday. First, I checked Craigs list "Free" ads cause you never know and.....This load of shelving was listed. I drove to SF, looking for the alley described in the ad and hit the jackpot!. There was already one other truck there, we laughed about loading free wood in the rain on a sunday morning. From there I drove to Petaluma to scout locations to sell my furniture. While browsing one of the antique malls I came across this column and the pediment. The column I think will serve as a base for a table idea I have in mind. The pediment is oak and I believe it was originally on a piece of furniture, although most frags like this were over windows or doorways of houses. The final photo is of a broken cast iron stove base. After leaving Petaluma I drove to Berkeley and went to Urban Ore, where I found the stove feet. A cavernous warehouse of rescued building materials and cabinets and books and JUNK!- Awesome Fun! You never know what you'll find there, a great place to browse on a rainy day. I will try to feature the finished furniture in a future posting. Thaks for visiting and be sure to mention you read this if you visit my booth on sunday at Alameda Pointe Antique Faire (T-20).

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