Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here are 3 new mirrors. The full length one I call the "princess mirror", My friend Jan named these for me. I have made quite a few of these princess mirrors, they are alot of fun. The crystal knobs are set in some really cool bronze plates. They came from the estate of the collector who had all the Bank Of Italy(Original Bank of America) salvage. Before I clean them up they have a little black button in the center and in the housing is a bell and some copper windings, obviously an early elecric buzzer/doorbell. I believe they were what you pressed to get into the teller cages at the bank. The various knobs are for hanging stuff- coats, hats, jewelry, whaever! Another mirror is made from a cool piece of salvaged mirror that looks deco to me , the shape and the geometric etching are unusual. The last was an old medicine cabinet door turned sideways, then I built the frame with all the crown, etc. The green crown moulding was originally a handrail, I cut it in half with the tablesaw and turned it upside down-voila,Crown! Oh yeah, the brass curvy things are from an old chandelier I got out of a dumpster in the excelsior district, SF.

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