Friday, February 13, 2009

More new stuff, surprise!

This is a new piece, a custom order, for clients with very specific dimensions. They came to my shop and we had a lot of fun looking at various raw material, they picked out the leaded glass cabinet door which I modified to fit the dimensions needed. Also, they looked at a lot of hardware, and picked out what they liked. The surprise came when I was creating the top section. I purchased a piece of salvage many years ago at the allemany flea market in SF. It was a section of green panels, very old, probably Victorian. I recently used a couple of them on a piece which is now in Zonal, a very nice gallery on Hayes st. here in SF. I had one panel left over, I decided it might work for this piece, and as I started to clean/sand off some loose paint, this painted flower is what I found underneath. Quite a surprise! Anyways, I really like the way this piece came out, enjoy.

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