Friday, April 5, 2013

April 2013 Alameda announcement, examples of new pieces

 Here are several photos of new pieces. There is much much more that will be brought out to Alameda on Sunday, 4/7. Most of the inventory shown in the 3/14 post below is coming, a very nice selection. In addition, I have recently picked a huge industrial warehouse, maple top desks, also the steel fabricated shelf units shown here are just a few examples of what is avail. We will also be at the petaluma show at the end of the month, 4/28. I will post photos, etc. shortly before that date.
Here are photos of two new shelf units. The shelves are made from large rough sawn doug fir timbers, run through the planer and finely sanded. The steel frames are salvaged units picked from industrial site, very heavy steel tubing, nice.
Wine cabinet made from old wooden painters ladder, grey beadboard sides.
Chimney cabinet. Old shutter from New England. Hinges are bronze, nautical salvage.

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