Thursday, March 14, 2013

New inventory, announcing new market at the cow palace in SF on Sunday 3/17

We will be showing at new market this Sunday, it is at The Cow Palace in SF, Sunday 3/17 marks the first date of this monthly event. If you missed us at Alameda come on out, we will be showing in booths F 30,31,32. For those of you who can't handle the crowds and parking wars at alameda show this promises to be a much more low key albeit quality show put on by a veteran promoter.
Here are two coffee tables made from antique factory carts. I recently found a whole warehouse of industrial salvage, purchased a number of these carts. The two finished pieces shown are made with bowling lane stock as tops.
Here is photo of dining table made from one of the mable bowling lane slabs. We will have one of these to show this Sunday at Cow Palace show.

Industrial wine cart.

Console table of colorful repurposed wood strips for top. Cast iron element is salvaged from a victorian era standing floor lamp I deconstructed. Note the angel.

Vintage cast iron pedastal is polished and laquered. Top is repurposed doug fir framing stock, planed.
A very unique piece made from a "reel jack". A vintage cast iron industrial element found buried in the mud in a salvage yard in the delta, used it for the base on this console table. A real challenge to mate these disparate elements, I really like how this turned out.

This is a vintage steel cartographers table. Polished and laquered.
The steel tabletop here was originally a factory cart. I removed the wheels, handle, etc and welded these 3x3 angle iron pieces on as legs. The legs are also repurposed, steel was purchased at Urban Ore. Tabletop is polished and clearcoated, very nice patination with all the scars from many years use in an industrial setting. Could be a desk or small dining table, set at 30" ht.
Purchased a large lot of traffic signs at an auction several years ago, and here is a new product using these signs cut up and randomly applied as panels delineated by the rungs of these vintage wooden painters ladders.

Coffee table made from vintage tile tabletop mounted on fluted architectural columns salvaged from SF victorian teardown. Base is cast iron, polished, laquered, VERY OLD:) Has foundry markings from Oakland. ca., not sure its original use but obviously was a stand for something.

Bed frame made from rough sawn doug fir framing stock, contrasted nicely by colorful repurposed strips in panels.Has modern knockdown inserts, this one is for Queen bed but could be recreated any size.
More signs. These are from East Oakland. Rough neigborhood. Vintage industrial flatfile found at Urban Ore, I put it up on wheels and made the top from these signs.
Double shutter doors with drawer down below on this piece. Shutters are from New England, very old, and they look it.

Cute little steel desk. Pretty rough shape when I found this at salvage yard, wenmt through it and now is completely functional. Nice patina, we sanded off the rougher spots of rust, etc., but left it pretty much as found, then laquered.

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