Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013 new pieces, news

We will be at Alameda market again this month, booths N-2,15. Should be another beautiful "winter" day. Here are a few photos of some of the new pieces. There will be much much more.
First photo above is of a massive maple butcher block purchased last month at Alameda. Wish I had a before photo, this thing was pretty rough. 30 x 30 x x13" thick block, rolls amazingly well on wheels welded onto polished steel legs. After much sanding in shop and fresh coat of butcherblock oil this beauty is ready to go.
Most of the Victorian glass doors I run across have lead caming. These are copper. Showed these to my antique dealer fd. says probably art noveau period. They are stunning, I made the frames for them out of old door stock and built this cabinet around them. Beautiful copper flashed victorian hinges, cabinet latches.
Tabletop is old dougfir framing stock, planed. Base is polished cast iron, old, purchased at an estate sale.
( Buried in the weeds out back, where the good stuff is!)
Here are a few of my very popular colorful benches. In building my cabinets and other pieces, I save the cutoffs of the beadboard sides, etc. Here is one of the products made from them. Kinda like a butcher, we use everything but the squeal:)


Ice Cold, Hot Blast. Cool old advertising sign for Nehi pop, "blueracer" flavor. Interesting name, guess that one didn't catch on? Cast iron embellishment likely off of old stove. Very nice cast iron antique hinges, window lock. Handle is brass.
Small desk or?? Base is steel, colorful strips of wood as top.
Industrial style bench from the bowling lane wood, maple. Trim and base polished steel.

Custom cabinet. Tiles incorporated into top trim were removed from an antique stove.

Very cute turquoise bookcase. Distressed and clearcoated.
Love the 60's? Then this is for you. Found last weekend in the garage at an estate sale, has original brochure inside. Amazingly well preserved condition, circa 1960 bar-b-que has working electric motor for rotisserie with all the attachments. Original tools, down to the oven mitts included.

Industrial metal drawer unit, top is repurposed doug fir.

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