Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26 new available inventory, announcing Petaluma Antique Fair appearance

Hard to beat the weather in Petaluma this weekend, supposed to be in the low 70's. We will be at the Petaluma annual spring antique fair this coming Sunday, April 28. Booths F2 and F5, on the corners of "B" st. and 4th.
First photo here is a "chimney" cabinet, very beachy colors, door is from victorian era entry door from St. Louis. Beautiful Eastlake cast iron latch, hinges,  antique lavender crystal doorknob.
"Beechnut". Vintage retail store display advertising Beechnut gum was deconstructed and the parts with graphics were incorporated here in this cabinet frame. Door has beautiful wavy glass, originally from antique set of kitchen cabinets out of Santa Cruz Victorian teardown. Faceframe is roughsawn doug fir framing stock, sanded, oiled and sealed with polyurathane. Very nice victorian hardware, window lock as latch, handle is old brass doorbell pull.
Large corner cabinet, custom for a Tahoe getaway. Again, rough sawn doug fir face frame. The texture and color just pops on this old material, sanded and oiled you can still see the saw marks from the crude milling process. Leaded glass doors from my Kansas connection, beautiful cast iron antique hardware throughout.
Closeup of embellishment detail on crest of corner cabinet.
Here are a couple of vintage small drawer units from a recent industrial pick.  

Desk was made from vintage painted wooden base, planed doug fir 2x10s were doweled to construct the top.
This desk is another piece from industrial pick. Tall-42", designed as standup work station probably. Drawers and side panels were polished down to bare steel, nice contrast to the many layers/colors on the rest of the base. The top was made from old bleacher seats, part of a bunk of wood I recently found at the Oakland RESTORE, a Habitat for Humanity affiliated lumber recycling retailer.
"Tanker" desk, vintage steel industrial piece from Urban Ore, fitted with a refinished maple wood work station top found at Hayward industrial site.

Another Maple work station piece, vintage industrial steel base.
Found this blue steel base at Urban Ore in Berkeley. Drawers were long gone, made new ones. Vintage cast iron doggie pulls, colorful repurposed wood strips as top.                                                                                                 
Here is another Urban Ore find, beautiful industrial piece, handmade steel cabinet. Was very crusty when I found it, we stripped off several layers of grey and silver paint, found these colors underneath. I made the top with another colorful arrangement of repurposed wood strips.

Vintage steel industrial base

Bar Cart
The green heavy steel rolling cart here was found by a picker friend of mine at Round Top, Texas flea market. Great Bar Cart or ?, the top is Maple bowling alley stock with  Honduras Mahogany trim stock salvaged from a deconstructed piece of victorian furniture.
Lower shelf is another piece of bowling alley stock.

The next photo is of a small kitchen island, also has top made from maple bowling alley stock with the mahogany trim. Nice contrast here between the light and dark wood. Nice big drawer for storage. Drawer face is chip carved redwood panel from antique dresser I deconstructed, beautiful fluted brass doorknob. Base is a vintage steel machine stand, has very unique lever that allows piece to roll on wheels then lowered down to rest on floor.  
Surface Plate 

Detail of cast iron top
Next set of photos is of a small cabinet on wheels. This was constructed from a vintage cast iron and steel industrial find, described to me as originally a "Surface Plate". Apparently machine shops use these to check the accuracy of the metal parts they are milling. The top of the surface plate is supposed to be perfectly flat, measurable out to thousandths of an inch. When I found it it had been outside for many years, I was pleasantly surprised to find this unique geometrical pattern on the surface when I removed the layers of rust.(Tool marks from the milling process)  Kind of reminded me of a toy I was fascinated with as a child, called a spirograph I believe. I made a new drawer and added a wooden frame to anchor the new doors I made. Very cool cast iron drop pulls, vintage brass knob. Next photo is nice vintage steel drawer unit with turquoise color paint. Very heavy, I added nice heavy wood base with wheels.
Saw this vintage steel locker last month at Alameda while walking back from parking my trailer. Loved the color possibilities, saw the yellow peeking out from all that grey industrial paint. I put it on wheels, sanded away some of the grey, and cleaned up the inside also adding several shelves. Also has a nice big slide bolt added(not in photo) to keep doors shut.
Vintage green and grey tool chest on wheels, would make a nice coffee table for a small apt.

Recently bought about 10 of these vintage factory carts. This one had been painted a very cool bluegreen. I decided to enhance the color with another of my wood strip tops. Sealed with several layers of polyurathane. The cast iron wheels and hardware have been polished and laquered, ready for the living room.
Vintage steamer trunk with very interesting baggage and hotel labels. Travel was so different back in the day. There is one label that shows this person traveled on an airship in prewar Germany. The sexy curved cast iron feet probably from an old stove, purchesed off of Ebay a few years back. I have ordered a very nice polished edge piece of glass for a top surface.

Here are a few photos of a kitchen island I recently made and installed. The face frame is roughsawn doug fir, with some interesting orange steel panels as sides, originally off of a welding machine. The textured panels are from a wonderfully patinated old zinc water barrel I found at Sacto Flea, I cut it apart and fitted into doug fir frame. The other side of island has several doors for pull out spice rack, trash can slideout, etc. Top is pine bowling lane finished with an ebony stain, multiple coats of polyurathane. Vintage cast iron valve handles as pulls, came out very nice I think.

Diamond plate as top on this industrial themed coffee table.

Here is another of the antique factory carts as coffee table. This one has steel edged trim, bowling lane slab as top. Stained with the ebony color, very nice.

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