Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here are some photos of new pieces. First is custom wall cabinet with blue shutter door. Built for a referral from a local store, it has victorian cast iron hardware, old stamped tin for crest, and some antique furniture parts as an embellishment along the top rail. The second set of photos shows a custom table and bench set built for another referral. The client wanted lots of color to lighten up the space it was to be in. I used a "patchwork quilt" arrangement of top boards, random widths with various colors and textures. We decided to switch the direction of the top boards for the benches, keeping the patchwork quilt arrangement though. All 3 pieces were finished with several coats of a satin spar varnish to seal. I really liked the way it came out, I think I will be making more like this. The last set of photos are of a new hutch piece. I have been trying to unclutter my shop, it was getting pretty plugged up with "projects", pieces that I have acquired and felt they had potential. This piece was one of those. It was in pretty bad shape. I completely rebuilt it, replaced the cheap, delaminating plywood back wih some old T&G beadboard with lots of color, and added the same to the rather plain lower door panels. Some amber glass knobs and other cool hardware completed this piece. Alot of work! Sometimes it is more time consuming to rehabilitate a piece like this than to build one from scratch. This piece and all my other new work will be at Alameda Point Antique fair this coming sunday, June 7. Booth space T-20. Peace, Bryan

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