Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Cabinets, Coatracks

Here are several photos of my latest pieces. The large colorful cabinet on the right is setup as an Armoire. I purchased the carcass of this cabinet at Allemany Flea in SF quitea few years ago. I used it to store my ski jackets, etc. , in my house. I moved it in to the shop many months ago and there it sat with all my other "projects". It was originally a "built-in" cabinet, kinda ugly with the top and bottom panels of the door having had many small holes drilled into the wood, and a very blah coat of grey and green paint on it. I added a nice set of old cast-iron stove feet and some old chair rail trim to the bottom to lift it up. I found these colors under the top layers of paint., and that inspired me to fill in the door panels with the very colorful vertical boards you see in the photo. Some old chippy trim as crown moulding and some cast-iron victorian hardware completes this piece. I wish I had taken a "before" photo, what a difference. The six drawer piece I found at Urban Ore in Berkeley, pretty tore up but it was obviously very old, sqaure nail construction and hand carved drawer handles. I think it would make a nice night stand type piece next to a bed or even a couch. I added feet and the top and the shelf /backsplash construction. The crest above the shelf is another piece from the lot of old victorian furniture parts I bought from Steve at Ohmega salvage in Berkeley. The small balusters holdng up the shelf came off of Ebay, very cute. The small wall cabinet I found in a Middletown, Ca. antique store. Divine consignments I think is what it is called. Owner is Gwendlyn, very friendly. It was just a shell, I added beadboard on the back, made a door out of some old beadboard, and added trim and the beautiful cast-iron victorian hardware you see in the photo. I have also added some photos of the new coatracks I recently made. I have been buying lots of old cast iron coathooks on ebay recently, they are getting harder to find. There is one photo of a coatrack where I used some brass eastlake victorian curtain tie-backs as hooks. Very unique hardware, beautiful castings. Thanks for looking, Bryan I will be at Alameda Pointe first sunday in June (6/7). Booth space T-20

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