Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project, Really Cool Art!!

These photos are of a project I recently worked on in Lake County. The first Kitchen photo is of the cabinets as they appeared before starting. I took off all the doors and began by applying a layer of material on the face frame. I started with some 100 yr old beadboard salvaged from a remodel job in Oakland, Ca. last year. There were many layers of paint, I sanded down to the colors I liked, white and several shades of a cream color, with just a hint of red peeking out. Visually, it is a strikingly different look from the natural wood tones originally there. There are several more photos of the cabinets after the face frame and doors were completed, I will continue to post photos as the project continues. The two photos at the top of my post are of a Doghouse I found displayed on the lawn of an antique store in Middletown, Ca. I loved the whimsical nature of this anonymous artists creation. The owner of the store said it predated her arrival, didn't knw the maker. Enjoy! Bryan

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