Thursday, April 16, 2009

Store sales counter, Raw Material

Went out to our local flea market on Sunday. A great day of hunting. First is a small nightstand type metal cabinet. It will clean up nice with a new wood top. The small rusty heating vents are cool, I have already cleaned them of rust, they will be fun to work with. The cast iron table bases were marked "san francisco press club", they must of had an auction. I purchased 4 of these. The Eastlake wood pieces are parts of old furniture, I love them. Finally, my best find. A spring clip, cast iron of victorian vintage I believe. I collect victorian hardware. I have never seen a clip before. Very Cool! The other 2 photos are of a sales counter recently custom made for a San Francisco store. I had not had a chance to get photos since they opened up, It really looks nice in their store.

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