Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here are four cabinets sold to Graves Country, a contemporary folk art gallery located in Lodi, Ca. (see link). Roff Graves is the owner, he loves my work and has a very impressive collection of folk art. The green shutters I bought at Alameda point antique fair, they have hand forged hardware on them, very old I believe. The tall cabinet has a triangular top created from an old corbel wih a sunburst motif. The door I built of recycled beadboard inserting an old stained glass window into the top, and adding some fun embellishments below, some architectural fragments an an old pink depression glass lid I picked up at some flea market yeas ago. The hutch I built from scratch around a set of cabinet doors rescued from a victorian remodel dumpster in Vallejo,
Ca. The last one pictured, I made the door from a stained glass
window with a tulip motif, adding some interesting victorian hardware, architecural fragments and some old stove legs for the feet.

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