Friday, February 20, 2015

Post two, inventory for March Alameda show, Sunday 3/1, weather permitting

Here is second post. There are many more photos of new stock directly below this post, posted yesterday 2/19. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for next Sunday, I will now have three full booths, Row N, booths 15,16,2                      First two photos- Custom 8' very chunky doug fir framing stock slab top. This is old growth stock, ran through the surface planer, then glued and doweled to create solid surface. The base is rough sawn doug fir very simple design, this is at island ht., 36", functions as kitchen island also dining table.                                            

 Custom door. Bought some very nice 3x8 old growth redwood recently from the reuse people over in East Oakland. Beautiful stock. Ran it thru the surface planer and built this exterior door. I acquired the stained glass panel a few years ago from my Kansas supplier Ron, probably out of the midwest somewhere.
 Bought this industrial salvage piece several years ago at Alameda. Just now figured out how I wanted it to look:) The top board is a piece of Afromosia, very similar to Teak, cutoff from a custom Table job.
Vintage cast iron sewing machine base as desk(30" ht.), the top is dougfir VG flooring stock surface planed, stain is Ebony.
 Found this bench/storage box at Allemany flea recently. Had a hideous  fabric top and sides, but when I inspected it could see what was underneath, oldgrowth roughsawn redwood plank sqaure nail construction. On original wheels, I added the antique chest handles, cleaned it up considerably and painted the interior for cleanliness. (it needed it)

 Sheet steel skinned tabletop, 2" thick doug fir underneath. Tabletop was out in the elements for many years and looks it. I burnished the steel top and waxed it. Very sexy cast iron base, reminiscent of antique industrial machine bases. This one is 9.5 ft long

 Maple Bowling lane stock tabletop, cherry trim. Another set of those chunky cast iron machine base legs. Table is 90" x 37"

 Base of this pc. is painted steel. Top is by me, multi-colored reclaimed wood strips.
 Out door table? Top of this is a pc of Marine Salvage, Mahogany, Likely the fantail of an old wooden boat. Antique newel post and base from vintage rope spool with original graphics/color complete this one.
 Blanket chest, copper nails on mahogany panels as decorative elements here. Inside very clean. Nice piece.
Started with an old bin table for this one. Deconstructed down to the frame, rebuilt and added the drawer. New top from reclaimed wood, love those beachy blues.
 Very heavy steel factory cart, well made.
 I recently purchased about 20 panels of an old maple gym floor. When panels deconstructed it makes great raw material for surfaces. Here was incorporated  into a coffee table. Mahogany trim, rough sawn doug fir top.
 Vintage  distressed paint bookcase on left. Right, steel cabinet on wheels, top is salvaged oak dining tabletop.
Console, machine base, steel trim. Top surface salvage from  vintage industrial workstation.
Vintage sheet tin fabricated hotel laundry cart. Cute.

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