Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 2015 new inventory, post one of two/ posted 2/19/15

Apologies to anybody who came to the feb alameda show looking for my booth. Had some health issues was forced to cancel at the last minute. This month we will have a HUGE load, smalls, industrial, my funky assembly pcs, you name it. There will be another post in a day or two, have quite a few more pcs to show here.                                                                                                                            Custom dining table with matching bench, this is made from reclaimed VG doug fir flooring.
 Was working at a clients house recently, took this photo. I built this several years ago one of my favorites. I bought an old rusty crusty woodstove at a flea market, turned it into this cabinet.
 Custom made niche bench, top is on hinges for storage. Clients like cast iron, I had alot of fun with this pc.
 Iron shelving unit. I bought the fabricated iron frame at a flea market. Cleaned it up and added the shelves, cool pc.
 So for this pc I started with very chunky cast iron machine base, found I believe at Urban Ore. Stripped many layers of paint to get down to the bare cast surface then burnished with wire wheels. The top and shelves are maple, 2" butcher block type stock from industrial workstations. Would be ideal as kitchen island is at 36" high.
 Vintage steel cabinet bought last month at Alameda. It is now on locking castors, shelves added, lots of storage!
 Vintage wire display rack
 Bought this at a garage sale, the masonite board as back is original. I made new wood shelves for it. Nice display pc.
 Base came from old schoolhouse desk, stripped the paint and burnished the steel. Is at desk ht(although is adjustable), 30". Top is reclaimed maple gym floor. Steel trim
 Vintage warehouse cart. Removed very greasy shelves, replaced with new, nice.

 Custom bathroom vanity plus mirrored medicine cabinet for above.

 Bought this at Alameda last month. I love finding these odd random items:) Had to do some welding repairs, but the adjustable function of the pc works great, I added the levers, came off a vintage table saw...Polished the steel top as it was in pretty rough shape. Comes with locking castors(not shown in photo). Honestly have no idea what to promote it as but think will get alot of attention at upcoming Alameda market.
 Sculpters stand, very old. Another Alameda find. This is the first one of these I have ever seen that has all the parts and in good functional condition. Raises/lowers/locks.
 Another couple of sculpters stands, fully functional. Different eras but nice set of two- end tables or nitestands? They also raise/lower, spin/lock. Pretty cool.
 Industrial salvage pc., angle iron shelving frame bought at machine shop auction, added shelves and locking castors

 Very cool set of cast iron lags originally were a machine base. Found this brass tag under quite a few layers of paint. Stripped and burnished. Top and shelf are maple butcher block stock from vintage industrial workstations.
 A client recently gave me some purple heart boards, reclaimed from a job he did this is a very attractive wood species IMHO. Made this shelving unit using those boards and a burnished steel set of legs think was old industrial sewing machine stand.

 Quite a story behind these photos. A client liked very much the industrial base plus bowling lane top tables I make but couldnt find just the right combo in any photos I showed her. She found a table like this online sent me the photo and I naively said "no problem". Several months later I have finally figured out all the fabrication issues, believe was worth the effort. Many mistakes and blind alleys but very cool pc I think.
 I believe this style dresser called a highboy? Anyways found at a garage sale I dont know whether the old school grandma furniture style is appealing to many folks  but as a woodworker I was amazed at quality of dovetail joints and overall craftsmanship in this pc everything still works great after many decades of use. The price was right:)
 I made this mirror many years ago was being used as a fixture in a store I did business with in SF. Sadly he closed his doors recently after many years. I have quite a bit of inventory from this store will be posting additional photos soon.
Very beefy steel machine base. Did'nt do anything to it, just washed the grease, etc. off it. Maybe sell as is, maybe use as pedastal for table? Stay tuned:).....

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