Friday, January 29, 2010

New Pieces for Alameda Antique Faire,Sunday Feb. 7, 2010

Quite a few photos here. All pieces shown are available except for safety sign cabinet. Top series is a glass double door piece. Original Victorian brass hardware, the window catch used as the cabinet lock is especially cool. I don't run across these often, very rare. The blue fluted pilasters are from a Hayes St. Victorian remodel. (SF) Repurposed wood thoughout. The next piece shown has an old cast iron medallion built into the door. I found this at Alameda several years ago. Way in the back, at one of those booths that was nothing but rows of dusty cardboard boxes, RUSTY JUNK! YEAH! All I could see was asses and elbows, so I knew there must be some really great stuff, just dig in! I have done some internet research, this piece was from an old butterchurn, probably a counterweight. There are some serious collectors out there, the website I found had dozens of butterchurns listed. This medallion is from the "Boss and Acme Bail Churn" made by H.H. Palmer of Rockford, Ill., and there are many patent dates displayed. The article was fascinating history, all about these companies ripping each other off for their patents, some things don't change! I just thought it looked cool so I made it into a cabinet. Next piece shown is a double door cabinet found at Alameda. I built new doors and completely went through it, new shelves, back, top, etc. Great piece. Next is the "Safety sign", very cool. Found the sign at Allemany, (small SF flea), I just loved the graphics, especially the part where somebody could write in chalk the number of days.This piece has already been sold. Next is "Blue Table." Found at Urban Ore, a great store in Berkeley, Ca. You never know what you might run across there. This is a remnant of an old bin table, the bins are long gone andI had to rebuild the drawers,etc. I loved it because of the colors, there is green under the chipped blue paint, just look at the wear on the drawers. I created a very "Beachy" colored top, greens and blues! More Text below. Remember to click on any photo to enlarge.

Custom Planters, 100% repurposed old growth redwood.

Small box


This small nightstand type table is steel. Found at Alameda, I cleaned some of the rust off, then sealed with a clear finish. The chippy white paint is original. The inside of the drawer is cleaned and repainted. The top was too far gone, I made this wood top, and added the glass knob.

CURFEW!! Cool Sign, handlettered on fiberglass laminated ply. From 50's ? ...or maybe 60's ?. Made this into a cool little side table, with balusters and old beadboard.

Small stool, needed a new top, lots of color!

The base of this is an old enameled hot plate. I found it at a junk sale, I loved the color and appearance. Very small cabinet built on top, maybe a bathroom piece?

This is an old bed end, bought at Alameda. I had these old mirrors, they seemed to fit nicely, and I built a coatrack out them. I loved the color of the bed piece, especially the basket of flowers. (looks hand painted) Antique cast-iron hooks on old beadboard complete the piece.

The next few photos are of a new product. Small boxes for keepsakes, jewelry, whatever! I collect so much old hardware and other little tchotchkes(SP?), not everything works into the furniture. I have a lot of fun doing these, and I get to use up alot of smaller cut-offs from the cabinet making process. I think they will make excellent gifts, starting with Valentines Day!! There are a few more of these shown on the previous post, just scroll down til you get to it. Thanks for looking at my stuff and I hope to see lots of old and new fans at Alameda on the 7th. I will post my booth number beforehand. Enjoy!, Bryan:)

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