Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Cabinets, Coffee Table, Coat racks, Moss Landing Tommorrow!!

Here are some photos of what I have built this week to bring to the Moss Landing show. Two new cabinets, one has a mirrored door, the other stain glass. The coffee table has a wonderfully colorful top, fluted half column for base. I am also bringing benches from previous post. I have been told the traffic is sevee at mos landing on this Sunday, so if you are coming arrive by 9 or 10 am. Thanks, Bryan

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here are quite a few new benches I made for the upcoming sunday July 26 Antique fair at Moss Landing, near Monterey. I first made some of these to go with a custom order table.( Photos of table are in previous blog) I really liked the way they came out and made some more, the response at the last couple shows has been impressive. I have emphasized the beachy blues/greens here, although I also plan on doing other colors, plus some that are more the earth tones/natural wood color. I also like the fact I am able to use such short pieces of wood, this is using what was potentially waste fom the cabinet making process. The top sections are sealed with a water based interior/exterior polyurathane, many people expressed an interest in using them in an outdoor setting. I believe they should hold up well as long as they are not left out in the rain. The last two photos are of a couple more large planters, custom orders. They are 72" x 24" x 24". Nice proportions. The photos show before and after the deck oil treatment. I use a product called "Penofin", I have used it for years on redwood that is going to be exposed to UV. I tell people to think of it as sunscreen for your boxes. Next post, coatracks, new cabinets for moss landing!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Big Boxes! Salvage!!!! Thankyou Petaluma

I would like to say here how much I appreciate the support of the people who came out yesterday to the Petaluma Art and Garden show. Great weather, friendly people, a great show. I was also very impressed by the work done by the Petaluma Downtown Assoc. in putting on this show, many of the staff were volunteers. Well done Petaluma. My next show is in two weeks, the Moss Landing Antique show near Monterey, Sunday July 26. Here are photos of some salvage recently acquired, the columns are out of a SF Victorian. When I deconstucted the old built-ins, I discovered the original paper labels shown here. Very Cool! The iron gate pieces and the shabby balusters were rescued from a gold country house that had nearly completely fallen down upon itself. Nice pieces.
The coatracks shown are among the new pieces that are at The Warmth Co. in Aptos, Ca. Monica and Naomi have a great store there, check them out.
The last photos are of some more large planter boxes recently made. These are 72" long x 20" wide by 24" high, they are for sale.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Large Redwood Planters, New Coatracks

Here are photos of a very large custom order planter. Approx. 7 feet long, 30" deep, 18" high. I reinforced the frame to accomodate the forces in the middle. There are galvanized steel rods in the frame to counteract the tendency to bow in the middle. The rest of the photos are of a new batch of coatracks. I will be showing these and many more new benches, planter boxes and furniture at the Petaluma Art and Garden show this sunday 7/12, downtown Petaluma. Come on out! Peace, Bryan