Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Furniture inventory, custom work photos, Alameda appearance update, FUTURE PLANS

As of early Saturday morning 12/5 I am regretfully cancelling my showing of furniture at tomorrows Alameda Antique Fair. The forecasted early morning rain would make unloading very difficult and also unsafe. I am especially disappointed as I have some very nice new cabinets and industrial pieces along with a great selection of smalls. Picking has been very good last couple months! Perhaps will be back in January, for sure am planning on February show. Please feel free to contact me about availability of pieces shown here not described as custom orders. Most all cabinets in this and previous (Oct.) post avail. Also, I am happy to announce I am opening warehouse for sales of all wood, materials and salvage inventory by appointment.  Weekends OK. The ownership of my warehouse will change hands this month and I am now scheduled to close down in 18 months. My 9000 sq ft collection of reclaimed wood, industrial and architectural salvage items will  need to be liquidated by june of 2017. I want to emphasize here that I am incredibly grateful to all who have supported my creative endeavors over the last 9 years, from purchases to simple kind words of admiration or encouragement. It's been one hell of a ride! Thank you!
                                                                                                       WINE CABINET- Some very cool parts used here. The ornate cast iron legs were salvaged from an antique amusement park game, I was told originally from Cony Island. The iron piece directly on top of legs was part of a printing machine, it weighs ALOT, it is a solid cast iron slab. Very interesting graphics. The cabinet of reclaimed wood encloses the last one of a group of wine storage racks I salvaged some years ago from a wine cellar in a very fancy house. Various architectural salvage parts enhance the top section construction. The mahogany carvings flanking the top shelf I found several years ago, salvaged from frame of a very nice antique settee, -I think thats what they are called, fancy name for a couch:) Very skillfully carved details, I call them my angry fish:)

closeup of top section

 Small cabinet, very nice vintage stained and leaded glass windows as doors, reclaimed wood cabinet body. The cabinet is supported on a minimal ht. hidden wooden pedestal, so although appears to be resting on sewing machine frame wheels  the weight is on that pedestal. Antique and vintage cast iron hardware.

 This cabinet made starting with a vintage tool cabinet with beautiful color patination. I removed all the poorly functioning drawers then gutted the interior of steel drawer slides, etc. The interior has been rebuilt with cabinet grade plywood shelves. Completed the piece with these vari-colored doors I made, along with antique hardware. On original very good condition industrial wheels.

closeup of brass machine plaque
 Kitchen island. Base is heavy steel vintage crank table, found at an East Oakland machine shop liquidation. I had only seen these in online photos until acquiring this table. The crank operates all four threaded uprights simultaneously thru an ingenuous mechanism underneath middle steel plate, allowing table to be raised or lowered. I have set tabletop at 36" high, ideal kitchen island ht. but can be changed to fit individual needs. The base is mated with very nice maple butcher block pc I bought years ago at a flea market, it has been fully reconditioned, finished with butcher block oil.

 Vintage Snap-on tool cabinet on wheels. Heavy steel unlike what they make these days, especially cool due to multiple airplane and jet engine related graphics on all sides.            
close up of snap-on chest

Heavy Industrial workbench, steel top. Sold
Steel dresser, polished. 
Purple. Strong:) This table came back to me clients wanted slightly narrower one so made another. The tulip bases are aluminum, salvaged from Akron Goodyear tire plant employee lunch room. C. 1960's, they have been powdercoated. This table is 96" x 40". Avail.

Recently made custom bed frame, client provided this photo.

The large door above was one of a set of three custom sliders made for a pool house. Very nice old growth redwood. This set of cabinets redwood and marine grade ply(interior part), made for the same pool house.

Custom bed frame, the facade of this was milled from corral boards salvaged from 1880's homestead.

Here are a series of shots of exterior of recently constructed Philz Coffee located at base of Market St. in SF. All was constructed of reclaimed old growth redwood, surfaced and mated with marine grade 3/4 ply. (panels at least) Even the steel posts are reclaimed, I fabricated from some old lab tables bought when a silicon valley lab went out of business.

These are the bike racks, squiggly looking interior parts originally an old playground ladder. Powder coated.

There are three planters built into the outside section of the seating area.


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