Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Here are some photos of new pieces that will be shown at Alameda on Sunday May 3. We are in booths N-2,15,16,17. As of thurs 4/29 all are avail. I have also posted photos of recent custom pieces below this post. Hopefully will be a great day out at the Alameda show, come on out!

Distressed turquoise color dining table, very beachy.
Industrial cabinet with drawers
Very unusual pc of salvage. I was told this was a storage device for the wax rolls of an antique Edison invention. Precursor to the Victrola. Very cool. Top is Koa.
Here are a couple of salvaged  industrial machine shop carts. Oak top above. Maple butcher block top below.

Vintage drawer unit, top is oak, trim mahogany.
Lockers, hardware added. Shelves added inside.
Steel industrial work station. New shelf added.

Here are a couple of consoles, diagonal multi colored boards include many of exotic hardwood species. Bought out the odds and ends from the estate of an amateur woodworker last year. Ran everything thru my surface planer and here is the result.

Three pieces using reclaimed maple gym floor. Coffee table with cherry stain. Small computer desk, large bench, both of these have a grey "driftwood" stain. Goes well with the polished steel.

Here are quite a few benches using more of the exotic hardwood stash mentioned above. Lengths range from 36" up to 72", some with shelves.

And a couple of the old school ones I have been making for several years. Never seem to be able to keep many benches in stock, they go so fast.

Here are a few coffee tables using that diagonal pattern. And one with a herringbone pattern. Bottom example incorporates a vintage drafting table  as base.

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