Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here are some photos of new pieces, did not get a chance to post before the alameda show.
First photo is industrial cart on wheels, added the top and shelf of maple, reclaimed.

Small desk above, legs and body roughsawn doug fir, top is multi-color reclaimed wood strips. 2 small drawers. Next photo, vintage dental cabinet, restored.

 Kitchen Island, Top is maple, salvaged from industrial workstation, base is vintage gurney with locking wheels. Bottom shelf is also reclaimed maple.

Here is an unusual pc., found at a flea market, several layers of paint over the vintage graphics. I sanded until I revealed the graphics. Par-T-Pak:) Probably was store display for soda. 60's?  

I bought an old cooler at Alameda last month, a BIG one. Was too far gone for restoration, but I cut it up I got 5 panels off of it. Here is what I did with the first one. (sold)
Here is a desk, base made from old pipes, etc., found it at Urban Ore was somebodies garage workbench. Cleaned many decades of grime off of it, polished the steel. I made the wood part out of another maple slab from an industrial workstation, drawer boxes are doug fir. 

These display racks were from another industrial salvage score, I have 5 of them. Cleaned this one up, painted the plywood shelves, added nice wheels to the base.
Standing coatracks made from old skiis. (sold)

Here is another industrial salvage pc., steel cabinet. I added the wood top also lower shelf. Has very cool latch

Nice "Pollard" brand industrial workbench, these are not easy to find.
Very nice green steel frame believe was dental office pc., Added the wood shelves and top.

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