Friday, November 29, 2013

New Inventory, Photos of a couple custom orders, Alameda announcement

 Here is a few photos of new pieces plus some custom pieces we have done recently. Inventory at Alameda will include a few new cabinets, quite a few antique furniture pieces I have restored, and smalls from a recent basement pick in San Rafael. We will be at Alameda on Sunday Dec. 1st in Booths N-2,15. Should be a very nice day, come on out.
Above, a couple of planters plus a cute little outdoor bench/table set. These are made from remilled redwood timbers, reclaimed from various houses, salvage yards, etc. Timbers are often 100+ yrs old, from old growth stock, a far superior material than what is avail. commercially today.

Stained glass window bought at Alameda last month. "Tulips", beautiful I think. Vendor says came out of a basement pick in Oakland.

I found this blue steel shelf unit at Urban Ore, cleaned it up and made the top, added wheels.

Wonderful vintage advertising display piece, from the San Rafael pick. Made new shelves for it, some auto polish and elbow grease brought out the color, nice.
Double leaded glass doors from my Kansas connection, Ron. The beautiful brass handles are antique store handles from ebay, I sniped them from about 10 other bidders at the last second:)

 These leaded glass windows were from the same oakland basement as the Tulip window. Very nice piece.

 Blue steel industrial lab cabinet, from Clorox Corp.! They originally had a stone or cast concrete black top, swapped out for this wood top we made from some very nice 2.5" thick dougfir stock. Cabinet ht. is adjustable.

 These frags used as part of the faceframe on this cabinet came from a pair of gates purchased from SF salvage yard, Builders Resource. Originally in Pacific Hts., I deconstructed the gates and love these parts as raw material. Very nice antique hardware.

 Bought the vintage back end of a school bus at Sacto Flea. Had an idea to make a mirror, but that didnt happen:) We cut some steel sheet stock and fit into the rubber gaskets from the back, the tiles are from vintage scrabble games I have purchased at flea markets, I added magnetic tape to the backs. Would make a very nice cafe menu or???

This display pc. was made for a hat store client. Stock sits on the shelves, mirror above for trying on hats.

 I bought the truck radiator surround at the Sacto flea awhile back. Alot of potential, I thought. Looked it over a few times since I got it back to the shop, but could not wrap my head around what the final result would be. Finally, I just "freestyled" it, went for it and the piece evolved as I built it. Nice "mantique", I believe:) Note the antique radiator cap as a hood ornament, one of the finds from my recent basement pick in San Rafael.

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