Monday, September 30, 2013

Post no. 1 of 2 of new inventory to be shown at Alameda on Sunday Oct. 6, Booths N-2,15

Been awhile since I made a large run of cabinets. Here are some new cabinets to be shown on Sunday, 10/6 at Alameda Antique fair. I will post some more photos later in the week.
First photo, vintage leaded glass panel inset in door, antique cast iron hardware. Next photo is of cabinet made from antique dry sink from Montana. Bought it from a picker at Sacto flea. I removed the top sink portion and built a new top. Completely refurbished, this baby was beat. Good for another 100 yrs:)

side,top view

Here is a chimney cabinet made from 1/2 of a victorian four panel door. Salvaged right here in West Oakland. I cut one of the wood panels out and installed the leaded beveled glass. Nice look. Very sweet hardware, the knob is Bennington clay a very rare color.

Two views of this one. Bought a whole truckload of these windows at SF flea recently. Picker said they came out of Berkeley hills house. Very unusual thick lead. Top is old bleacher seats. Some very nice window locks, victorian.

Made this door using a very nice architectural fragment, a "fretwork" purchased from my friend Ron from Kansas. Some nice beachy blues in this one.

Two views of this one. I am loving this look. Rough sawn doug fir for the faceframe. I put danish oil on it, then a clearcoat. The danish oil really brings out the beauty of this wood. Door is made with an old stained glass panel purchased at Alameda, I added a drawer also. Some very nice antique hardware.

Here is closeup of the antique brass escutcheon and other hardware. Note the griffin on the plate. Very cool.

I call this one "Rusty Lady". The lady was part of a heavy
cast iron "summer door" found in many victorians, they used these to block drafts in fireplaces when not in use. Found at the Sacto flea, very rusty, I deconstructed and then left her that way just laquered to seal. Probably an historical figure, but no idea who she was. The door is constructed from a massive piece of solid mahogany(was a fireplace mantle) found at Urban Ore. Some more of the roughsawn dougfir as the faceframe. Chip carved decorative piece from an old mirror frame.
This one has door made from old beadboard from right here in West Oakland. Architectural fragment on door from Stockton.(dozens of victorians were bulldozed in the 70's to make way for a new freeway, I recently found a warehouse full of salvaged architectural items saved from those dozers.) The cast iron corner pieces are from an old screen door.

side view

side view
The sides of the faceframe on this cabinet were part of an old victorian gate I deconstructed, from pacific hts. in SF. Bellflowers, I think.

Coffee table, the legs are old wooden painters ladder, shelf is a painters "finger plank".

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