Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maui Hat Store cash wrap, rusty chair display pieces, redwood planters

Salesperson side

This is a cashwrap bound for new Lahaina hat store.
Customer side

Rusty stools found at Alameda a few months back were used for these display stands. I cut the bottom 12" off the legs and then built these shelves onto the frames. Pretty cool. Also going to Lahaina.
Planters made from remilled oldgrowth redwood beams. On wheels. My local salvage yard has a crew that picks through the loads dumped at the Berkeley Dump. They often bring back and sell redwood boards/beams from demolition of old houses. Usually full of nails and bolts but a little creative milling and here is result. Hard to believe this stuff was destined for the landfill. Constructed on a frame with stainless screws and galvanized nails these should last several decades.

Another view of chair displays

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