Thursday, December 6, 2012

New inventory, Alameda Antique fair scheduled for Sunday 12/9 (Rollover date)

Due to the storm systems that came thru No. Ca. last Sunday the Alameda antique fair was rescheduled for this Sunday 12/9 We will be there in booths N-2 and N-15. Looks to be a nice sunny day.                                                                                                                                                                First photo above shows coffee table made from antique mine cart. This cart was pulled out of a mine in the Sierra foothill gold country. Polished steel frame, bowling lane top. Yeah, its heavy:) Next photo is table made from maple bowling lane stock as top. The base is an antique cast iron industrial machine stand, adjustable ht. Beautiful patina.
Chimney cabinet. Antique cast iron hardware, the decorative pattern on the hinges is amazing. Very unusual and rare hinges. Door and beadboard salvaged from SF victorian remodel.

This coatrack started out as an old standing lamp. I almost threw it away, the top paint layer was especially ugly and I thought that the detail was plaster. I used paint stripper to reveal beautiful vintage black walnut, intricately carved. The "hooks" are actually french shutter dogs, cast iron, a womans face with cute hat.
Wine rack, the frame/legs are old wooden painters ladder, repurposed wood throughout. The cedar/zinc bottle rack salvaged from estate wine cellar.

Jelly cabinet, door salvaged from victorian, probably small closet. Beautiful antique cast iron/brass hardware. Beadboard sides. The decorative element at top is part of an antique advertising pc., close-up below, very cool. Promoting a St. Louis shoe co.

Industrial locker with shelves and top added.

A few more industrial pcs. Top cart has handle, new metal swivel wheels, nice kitchen pc. Or?? Cart below is stamped "Canada", heavy gauge steel, probably originally in a factory, wheels are cast iron, very heavy duty. Tops on both are from the bowling lane stock.

Polished steel drawer units. Deco period? Laquered.
This cabinet started out as a primitive that I purchased at Sacto flea. Originally had a slanted top, appeared to be a stand up desk of some kind. The interior and rest of the cabinet was in pretty bad shape. Sometimes rehabbing these old primitives can be extremely time-intensive, but worth it. Beautiful colors/patina under the top layer are revealed. Completely rebuilt with new flat top:)

Quite some time ago I purchased a built-in hutch from urban ore in berkeley, it was huge. Been taking up storage room in the shop for over a year, figured it was time to make something out of it. This cabinet was built from the top portion of the built-in. Beautiful etched floral design in the thick beveled glass doors, I believe from the craftsman period.
The bones of this cabinet are from another old cabinet carcasse picked up at the Sacto flea. Fluted face frame elements, very elegant trim details. Antique cast iron hardware, the decorative element added at top has an old victorian picture nail in center.
Another industrial cart, bowling lane stock for top.
Vintage steel storage locker, shelves added. The brass tags at top indicate this is from  "Shell Oil" , some kind of natural gas apparatus storage. Nice bluegreen patina.
Wine cabinet/bar from vintage "Snap-on" tool cart. Polished, laquered. On wheels.

The cast iron base on this coffee table was made here in an oakland, ca. foundry. Perhaps was base for very large industrial size hot water heater. Very old.
Corner cabinet picked up at a salvage yard, distressed, rebuilt.

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