Friday, August 3, 2012

New Pieces for August, Alameda on Sunday 8/5

Here are photos of many of the new pieces I will be showing on Sunday August 5 at the Alameda Antique Fair. There are several more pieces that will be completed before Sunday, additional photos will be added Saturday. We will be in our usual spaces, N-15,2.

This one was alot of fun to build. I recently acquired the carved oak feet in a trade with a dealer friend of mine, they were from an antique curved glass curio cabinet. I carefully deconstructed the piece and saved these, original cast iron wheels are included. Beautiful beveled glass windows were recently salvaged from Mill Valley estate, the frames are redwood and the glass is put together with copper instead of lead. Beautiful polished and laquered antique cast iron hardware. Top trim embellishment is nickel plated brass, an old National brand cash register drawer front.
Very nice industrial steel bench from the midwest, cleaned up and laquered.
Wine Rack. I bought the steel object this cabinet is made out of at the Sacto flea several months ago. I have no idea what it was originally, but it has an amazing patina. Wheels were added, then the wine bottle rack was fit to size inside, and then trimmed out. Cabinet body has been laquered. I recently bought these racks from an estate, they were part of a basement wine cellar.
Very nice steel institutional dresser, polished and laquered. I don't see to many of these any more, this one is in remarkable shape, even the wheels are well preserved.
Dining table from pine bowling lane stock, edged with polished steel band. The steel base was found at Alameda several months ago.
Coffee table with small steel I beams as legs. The top is maple bowling lane stock, trimmed out with Honduras Mahogany salvaged from antique dining table. Nice mix of industrial and repurposed wood.
Vintage farmhouse table base, distressed, with pine bowling lane stock added as top. Nice apt. size dining table.
Here is a pair of very simple end tables, the industrial polished steel bases are likely old sink stands. Tops are pine bowling lane stock.  
This chimney cabinet has door made from victorian 4 panel entry door, sawn in half. Very unusual glass half panel. Eclectic mix of antique cast iron and brass hardware, and a beautiful faceted spherical crystal door knob. The trim at the top was arranged from a vintage spoon carved cherry mirror surround I deconstructed.

Found the base of this table at Sacto flea, a wonderful vintage Pepsi cooler. The cast iron wheels were salvaged from an old industrial floor dolly, top is bowling lane stock. This table and cart below are currently being shown at Zonal interiors in Hayes Valley, SF.
Another kitchen island from green industrial carts purchased at Alameda a few months ago. Top is Maple bowling lane stock.
Custom vanity and mirror. The top of this vanity is rough sawn doug fir salvaged from deconstructed feed warehouse in petaluma. The grey colored faceframe boards are from the Ross Mansion.

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