Friday, September 23, 2011

NEW INVENTORY, 3 SHOWS in 2 weeks!!

The following photos are of available pieces. I will be at Farmers/Artisans Market in Oakland on Saturday 9/24, 9-2, located at splash pad park, just off grand ave exit of 580. Sunday, 9/25, we will be at Petaluma downtown Antique fair, booth F-2, 8-4. Finally, we are back at Alameda on Sunday 10/3, booths n-15, and n-2. We are located on corner of row N across from food vendors. As always, shop hours are by appt., if you see something here you like, want dimensions, or cannot make it to the markets, just call me on my cell, 415 336 2784, or contact me by email at

The first couple of photos here show a massive dining table, 10 feet long by 45" wide. This table was used by a commercial construction company in their woodshop for many decades, and it looked like it when we got it. Several days with a belt sander revealed a beautiful surface, 4 x 12 doug fir beams with much character. Finished with several coats of spar varnish, this table could be placed outside year round. The second table shown is a vintage farmhouse style dining table, about 7 feet by 40", also finished with spar varnish. Both tables will be shown beginning at Petaluma show.

Here are a couple of double door cabinets. I recently purchased a large lot of vintage leaded glass doors from my midwest supplier, the second cabinet below has a nice pair of these.

Vintage steel cabinet. I have been collecting quite a bit of industrial salvage recently, and will be showing several pieces made in the industrial look.

Very cute, petite cabinet found at local flea. Label says it all, originally a piece from a scientific lab, I gutted the equipment, polished cast iron legs and the aluminum frame, made some shelves and painted with several coats of enamel.

Vintage industrial cart, polished and clearcoated, new top of roughsawn doug fir timber stock. Nightstand?

Found this dresser at local flea, really rough shape when I got it. Square nail construction, very old. The drawers were shot, so I gutted it and started over. New interior with shelves and added doors, nice small storage cabinet for pwder room or???

More industrial stock, vintage steel cabinet, on wheels. Polished, laquered, converted to wood shelves inside. Second cabinet is identical but kept the yellow painted surface, also converted to shelving.

Found this at Alameda in august as I was walking back from parking my trailer. I believe an old dental office piece, I added the small cabinet below, finials are vintage curtain rod ends, new old stock from ebay! Interesting combo of repurposed wood and steel industrial.

Another vintage steel industrial piece found at sacramento antique fair. Polished up and sealed. shelf is beatiful slab of oak, found at Urban Ore. Perfect ht. for kitchen at 36".

Small steel table with decorative scrollwork on all 4 sides, multi-colored wood top.

Multi-colored console with drawer. Antique cast iron brackets, repurposed wood throughout.

Very nice small shabby dresser with original surface. Sealed with waterbased clearcoat.

More mirrors from collection of victorian windows. Very popular.

Another console, available at The Warmth Co. in Aptos.

Chimney cabinet, available at Zonal interiors, located in SF on Hayes st.

Also at Zonal. Door was antique window purchased at local flea.

The carcass of this cupboard was found at sacto flea. Probable origin was a kitchen built in, square nail construction with 1 x 18 solid redwood back boards, very old. Upper doors added from midwest collection, new doors below made from repurposed stock. Beatiful antique hardware throughout, will be shown beginning at oakland market on Saturday 9/24.

48" bench with shelf, available. I have a full inventory now of these, many lengths. Popular for shoe storage in an entry hall.

Another bench, now available at The Warmth Co.

Massive table, again.

Console Tables here are available now at Zonal. Standard dimensions, 58 x 16 x 35" high, with shelf.

At Zonal.

Photo of sink base I made last year, in clients kitchen

Fireplace mantle, custom.

Got color? Vintage steel worktable. Polished, laquered, sold.

Another console, sold.

Jelly cabinet, door from midwest stock. Was at Zonal, sold.

Another photo of double door piece shown at top of post, avail. at upcoming markets.

Small cabinet with beatiful leaded glass cabinet doors found at urban ore in berkeley. Was at Zonal, sold.

Custom tv cabinet, client found twisty stick on the beach, brought it to me to be used for handles.

Custom jelly cabinet for Zonal client, letter "M" on bottom was provided by customer.

BIG!! TV armoire with shelves and drawer. LOTS of storage in this puppy. Custom piece.

Another console, was at Zonal, sold.

Table was vintage flea find, originally covered with linoleum, pleasant surprise to find the original painted beadboard underneath. Bench custom made to go with table. Sold.

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