Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Pieces

First photos are of chimney cabinet. The door is made from Napa Valley farmhouse 4 panel door. Very nice victorian cast iron hardware. The flower in center of top rail came from an antique hand wrought iron fence panel.

Another chimney cabinet, beautiful hardware, purple crystal knob. Cabinet to the right uses a couple of New England shutters for doors. The green sides are of wood recently salvaged from Lake County resort cabins I deconstructed.

Very cool primitive piece recently purchased at SF flea market. The larger piece was a tack box from a Fresno horse barn, originally had a sloped top that opened. I took it apart and leveled off the top and added the doors and an interior shelf. The top is nicely patinated tin. The smaller box is lined with tin, same barn, no idea what its function was.

Console table, very interesting cast iron base. Labeled "Singer Sewing Machine Exchange, San Francisco", and "USA".

Another console table, sides are from old wooden painters ladder, porch brackets from the midwest.

Found this old icebox at Alameda, love the green and white distressed finish. I gutted the insides and created a cabinet with drawer and wooden top.

Another whimsical piece. I loved the lines on this old victrola cabinet. I gutted the piece, painted it and added the door and a drawer on slides. Top still opens.

Found this antique vanity at Urban Ore in Berkeley. Solid black walnut construction, dovetailed drawers, very nice solid bones. The top was in very bad shape so I removed and created new one to match the paint job. Very Beachy.

Bought this old medicine cabinet at Sacramento flea market, originally an in wall piece, I rebuilt as hanging cabinet. The patina on the metal case is amazing.

Cool old metal base, polished and laquered, added the wood top and shelf.

The industrial metal base here I purchased at SF flea. We removed paint and polished the steel. The solid black walnut top piece was salvaged from a recent estate cleanout, nice match.

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