Thursday, April 22, 2010

It has been awhile since my last post. There are quite a few photos here, I have tried to insert the text next to the correct photos . It's kind of tricky. Hopefully not too confusing. Please check out the website at, it is being redone with many more archival photos. The artwork below will be my logo. Thanks for reading and please visit Petaluma Antique fair on April 25, booth at corner of Kentucky and Western, K2. Mill Valley on Friday April 30 from 5:30-8 pm, grand opening of RooTs, artists collaborative, next door to Peets. Finally, Alameda on May 2nd, booth I22, and Marin Farmers Market on Sunday May 23.
This cabinet below to the right is made with a stained glass panel as the door. I purchased this at Alameda quite a while ago, but it had a couple of breaks and I just recently got them repaired. Antique cast iron hardware, brass doorknob reads "New York City Public Schools" This cabinet is available.

Small cabinet made with old window as a door. Beachy colors. Beautiful old cast iron hardware and an old faucet handle. This cabinet available.

Custom redwood planter box with trellis shown below. Client wanted to grow hops on trellis. All material old growth redwood salvaged and remilled to make box/trellis.

Custom piece shown below. Beautiful turquoise/blue random boards from multiple sources. I love doing this "patchwork quilt" type of look.

New Chimney cabinet below, available. The door is made with a piece of stained glass I purchased at Allemany many years ago. Beautiful cast iron hardware throughout, green/yellow beadboard sides.

This new cabinet below is available. The piece in the door was salvaged from a vintage headboard. The beads are redwood, and the outer border is hand nailed reed of some sort. The floral arrangement is hand painted and probably made of clay. Very Shabby.

Here are some photos of a relatively new product for me. I first made some of these about 15 years ago, as gifts. I had always meant to make a few more but....These are alot of fun. I collect a huge amount of hardware, not all of it makes it onto a cabinet. Also, these allow me to make use of some of the shorter cut-offs produced in making the larger furniture pieces. For one of these I took the parts off of an old cabinet radio. The cabinet disintegrated in the rain but I salvaged the dial and knobs and made a very cute/whimsical box out of it. There will be a nice selection of these at RooTs in Mill Valley, also I will have many of these at Petaluma and Alameda. They are also available at Warmth in Aptos, Abode in Half Moon Bay, and Beach House Style in Fairfax.

These boxes are available at Beach House Style in Fairfax.

These are a couple photos of a built-in completed for a friend and longtime client. We had been talking about building this for years. I purchased the vintage windows at the Allemany flea in SF, not realizing at the time that the four lowers were an arched set. They are stylized "Snowdrop" flowers, probably from Art Noveau period. They were in pretty bad shape, I had to have several of them repaired. The narrow douglass fir countertop is a nice contrast to all the white. We designed this piece together, the client wanted the sliding glass sides to display a nice collection of vintage radios.

Here below to the right is a custom piece made for a client to display some pottery pieces. Kind of reminds me of a sofa table. Very cool.

The piece below was a custom piece. The client was inspired by a piece I displayed at Marin Farmers Market in San Rafael. I really liked the way the little doors came out, and the oversized cast iron hinges have a nice effect.

Interesting ground score! This desk was sitting on the sidewalk in Oakland. I looked it over, almost left it there! Wish I had a before and after. It was covered with a very dirty maroon paint, I had no idea what nice beachy colors were underneath. The desk is very well made of Port Orford Cedar, I made a new top for it, added the vintage crystal doorknobs, and sanded, and was worth the time, very cool piece. This piece is available at Petaluma.

Here are a few of the new Coat Racks I have been making. Beach House Style in Fairfax has many new ones on sale now. There will also be some on sale at the new artists collaborative in Mill Valley, next door to Peets. I will also be bringing these to Petaluma on Sunday April 25, corner of Kentucky and Western, 8-4 pm. And of course Alameda, booth I22, Sunday May 2nd.

Here is a nice "before and after" sequence. I purchased 2 vintage cabinet bodies, they were "uppers", one a right corner, the other left. Each had one nicely finished side. I deconstructed both, then recombined using the nicely finished sides. From there I added new bottom, top, shelves, etc. The double door cabinet below is the finished result.

This piece is currently available at Abode in Half Moon Bay.

These mirrors are made from fireplace mantle parts salvaged from a SF Victorian remodel. The house had 6 fireplaces! The mirrors are beveled, 1/4" stock. Very nice quality.

Another mirror, fence pickets and vintage headboard parts embellish this one. Amethyst crystal knobs to hang things on.

This mirror was made from some window casing purchased at Alameda Antique fair. I acquired the mirror stock from a pacific hts. SF remodel.

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