Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

One of my resolutions is to keep up on my posts. Here goes. Last post was in August, alot has happened since then. The Economic meltdown hit B.A.D. hard in Dec., but January is looking like a busy month. In addition to the furniture, B.A.D. will soon be offering beautiful redwood planter boxes to the online community. They are made from old-growth redwood, materials salvaged from old decks otherwise slated for the landfill. Here in No. Ca., I have had personal experience replacing decks for clients because the substructures had rotted away due to poor materials choices. The redwood decking covering the rotted framing is in many cases from old-growth stock, full of the naturally occuring tannins that prevent dry rot fungus and termites from attacking it. I rescued some of this material, remilled it, designed some attractive and functional boxes, and started buiding them. They will last for many years, I made some for my parents that are still functional over 10 years now. I will post some better photos soon, but here is a photo of the square boxes. Price info at my website-

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