Friday, November 2, 2012

New pieces, to be shown Sunday, Nov 4 at Alameda, booths N-2,15

We will have these new pieces plus many more at Alameda on Sunday. First photo is a cabinet I made starting with an antique Beech-Nut display stand. I disassembled the metal shelving unit and built a cabinet that fit within the frame. Very tricky! The wood in this cabinet was salvaged from an old West Oakland victorian, beautiful colors and appearance. Antique brass and cast iron hardware, nice.

This is an antique steel medical wall cabinet from the St. Louis area. I made new shelves for it, otherwise left as is. Nice Patina.

Turquoise frame console, very beachy colors. The center embellishment is from an antique french table, condition was so far gone that I just disassembled it and used the decorative elements.
Here are several maple top coffee tables made from bowling lane stock. The shelf is oak boards salvaged from old lawyers cabinet.

Another maple top, steel drawer unit polished up, nice industrial piece.

Here are several colorful coffee tables. The two in upper photo have bases made from salvage pieces that came from a lot of salvage that I purchased from a St Louis area barn stash.

Rusty iron base coffee table, nice fall colors for top.

Here are a couple more wine racks I have been making from wine cellar racks purchased from a large estate wine cellar. The racks are zinc and cedar.

More pieces from the bowling lane stock. Very ornate cast iron sewing machine base for the desk ht. piece on the right.

This cabinet incorporates some very nice Deco architectural elements that came from the St. Louis area. They are copper clad cast iron, likely were embellishments from exterior of large commecial building. The hardware on this piece is all copper clad also.