Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Menloville, Summerhouse

Visited a clients store recently. Here are some photos of a couple pieces Lisa purchased from me. Lisa's store is called "Menloville", it is in Menlo Park, Ca. (http://menloville.com/about_menloville_shoppe.html) I was very impressed, the store is filled with interesting items. Check it out! The top two photos are pieces that are currently at Summerhouse in Mill Valley. Jane and Robert have an amazing inventory of cottage/shabby chic everything, check them out. (http://www.yelp.com/biz/summer-house-gallery-mill-valley) .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Custom Pieces for SF Store

Here are some photos of a sales counter for a new store in San Francisco. It will be called "Sprouts", they are going to sell natural childrens clothing products. The store will be located on Union St. at Octavia. The counter design was a collaboration between myself and the owners. They visited my shop and we looked at alot of raw material. I also visited the store location and we came up with a workable footprint. The height was determined by ADA code req's. The counter incorporated a small chalkboard for kids to write on. On the inside, the owners had me incorporate open shelving for storage with an additional locking cupboard for valuables. I will post additional photos here once the installation is complete. The last photo is of a slate chalkboard that was designed to hang in the entryway of the store. I salvaged a 100+ yr. old schoolhouse slate board recently and this slate is from that larger piece. Some balusters and old trim complete the design.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here is a chimney cabinet. I wanted to show where the spiral embellishments came from so I included a photo of some corbels. These corbels are rather large for furniture building, I acquired quite a few of them last year and have not been able to work them into any pieces. I got the idea to take them apart and here is the result. I love the way the colors contrast with the lighter colored door. The door is from a salvage yard, probably a pantry or ironing board built-in cupboard. The cabinet is lined on the inside with door panels(photo), an old milk glass knob and window catch complete the hardware. Enjoy! Bryan