Thursday, February 25, 2021

Planter box progression

 Shop is finally up and running here at new Oregon location. Been a long journey, the fire came on sept. 28, and have been rebuilding and restocking since early oct. I have been extremely fortunate to acquire a huge amount of reclaimed old growth clear heart 1 x stock. Two very large homes, one in San Anselmo, other was Atherton I believe. Board and batten siding, deconstructed board by board. I purchased all, transported up to cave junction shop. Approx. 10,000 L.F. Should last for a little while? The following pics are an attempt by me to show progression of my planters, from painted siding boards to planed stock to frame construction of planters and finally finished product. Enjoy! Bryan 

Board and batten siding

Planed stock

Tree box frame

Horizontal boards on frame

This vertical style I refer to as “classic”. Note: this is a tree box,  the sides are full 1” stock reinforced with screws. 

And here are finished boxes with Penofin oil. 

And without....

I will continue to post photos and text of future builds. Next will be the raised beds, so popular since pandemic started. 

Monday, October 12, 2020


 Recently I posted that I was planning on moving at the end of the year. The Recent Glass Fire Changed all that. Early in the morning of Monday Sept. 28, my house, shop, storage, and Yard with considerable salvage inventory burned. Was a complete loss. I was able to salvage some clothes, personal items including photographs of my kids and family. I was able to get my kitty into her carrier so safely removed her. The fire was incredibly hot, even items that were marble, stone, etc. were destroyed. Many people know that I got sober almost 21 years ago. I am grateful that from that ongoing experience I have tools to handle  this very difficult transition. I have said it before, but bears repeating here, I will create again. I cannot envision not making art. I want to thank all the people who have reached out, friends, family, and clients, all the kind words and advice are appreciated. I may not have been able to acknowledge everybody personally but know that each and every communication was appreciated and helped me move forward in these difficult times. FYI, my cell and email remain the same, and all are welcome in cave junction if in the area, please look me up! 

My new home, view of the Illinois river from back porch

When I evacuated, I drove to A friends house in Berkeley. Carefully wrapped in the back of my truck was this cement statue. I laughed, thinking how illogical it was for me save something made of cement. I did not realize that all my garden statues would be pulverized from the heat. This one alone survived.

One of the few pieces I managed to salvage. Cast iron, VERY old, probably fountain or pump head, was very happy to see this in the rubble.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Update, today Saturday 9/26. Sale TODAY ONLY, too hot tomorrow! OPEN 7-4 TODAY. by appt. next week if needed, just contact me. Lots of new stuff today! I cleaned out my Napa antique store space yesterday. Antique Hardware! tablesand tables of smalls. Also, a Friend has cleaned out their storage unit, more vintage and antiques! Plenty of furniture still avail. Industrial also! I deleted all sold pieces from pics below, so all pictured is avail. 415 336 2784 text me with any questions! 6425 Sonoma highway, 95409 there is still very Good signage, and plenty of parking, all spread out outside! Wear a mask and respect social distancing and enjoy! Thanks!

 Miss alameda? Me too! I have new pieces never shown before, lots of beautiful cabinets, tables, project pieces,industrial, smalls, estate sale items from my parents estate. Materials, wood, steel, way too numerous to itemize. I will try to post some pics. Sale begins sat. 9/19, 9-4 Every day thru Sunday 9/27. My neighbor Lori O’Neill is having a open studio sale at same time. Address is 6425 Sonoma highway. Santa Rosa, 95409

Fire safety paint cabinet



Amazing vintage lockers

Stained glass window

Cute country hutch. 

Some of  Lori O’Neill’s product

Pair of industrial cabinets. 75% off!

Very heavy industrial pair of table bases.


Very cool industrial storage piece

Carved redwood chairs. There are 5 total

Amazing 3” thick maple workstations from industrial workshop. One at 5’x12’, two at 4’x12’

ADA restaurant table. Two avail.

Nutting factory carts. 3 avail.

Mcm sidetable

Nutting factory carts!

Heavy steel drawer unit, locking brass handles, on 4” locking casters..


These are heavy! Antique, amazingly ornate. Good project for the upcoming fall pandemic lockdown...

Another hutch.

Laundry carts! Old school, heavy canvas, on wooden base/frame, on wheels. 7 avail., cheap!

Very nice antique mahogany dresser, I altered the look a little😎

This is really cool flammable cabinet up cycled as a storage cabinet. Inside immaculate, I made wooden shelves, they are adjustable.(on hold 9/26)

Oak table

Two rusty bed spring frames, use your imagination!